Shen Yun at Paris Palais des Congrès 2020 postponed to 2021

Published by Julie M. · Updated on 30 April 2020 at 14h50 · Published on 29 April 2020 at 17h42
Famous Chinese company Shen Yun should be back at Paris Palais des Congrès from April 3 to 12, 2020 and from May 1 to 10, 2020 to make you experience the magic of the 5000 years of the Chinese civilization. Unfortunately, confinement being extended to May 11, 2020 these exceptional performances will not happen as planned. The show has been ultimately postponed to 2021, we explain you how to be refunded if you want to.

Shen Yun fantastic company is said to stop by Paris Palais des Congrès for a few dates, from April 3 to 12, and May 1 to 10, 2020 with a very incredible show.

While France is in confinement at least until May 11, 2020, and venues are not set to reopen yet, the show is postponed to  2021.

As a matter of fact, for a show like Yen Shun can happen in France, it needs show venues of a large capacity for the public, but the borders with China must be open so that dancers and tech staff came make it to France. Yet, as of today, no one can tell a date for one or the other.

Ticket holders are worried no communication is happening and wonder if they've been swindled. We can rest them assure, Shen Yun is a show that comes to France every year for 20 years and it's impossible to plan an adjournement in 2020, but chances are the show to return next year.

Like many other companies on this trade, it's likely that organizers are more into an adjournment rather than refunding to relieved their cash flow and avoid bankruptcy that would be bad for all. Indeed, it's not that the show cannot happen that people who worked on making this show have no funds and if they had to refund all tickets overnight without income, they would be quickly stifled.

Whatever happens, here are the different scenarios, provided by the organizer, to send a refund request for your Shen Yun tickets 2020 in France:

1/ The spectator bought tickets to a reseller like FNAC / TICKETNET / CARREFOUR SPECTACLE / AUCHAN and so on... (for all performances, in all French towns for the 2020 tour)
You have to directly contact this reseller (phone, email, web site where you bought your tickets).
They will directly and exclusively take care of your request of postponment or repayment. Some resellers may have already sent an email on that matter.

2/ The spectator bought tickets via LOTUS SACRE - Ticketingbox - on official website.
An email from Lotus Sacré production is currently being send (this week or next week) to all spectators to proceed to postponment or repayment of their tickets.

Several options are detailed in the mail they got or will soon:

  1. They keep their 2020 tickets as they remain valid for 2021 at the same venue and date as told in an email (see email).
    This is a priceless gesture for the company and we thank spectators who choose this option.

  2. They change their tickets into vouchers (see modalities in the email). They will have to click on the right link in the email sent by Lotus Sacré.

  3. They ask for their tickets to be repaid: possible up to July 31, 2020 midnight (CEST): they have to click on the right link in the mail sent by Lotus Sacré.
    They will then get an email confirming repayment, repayments will be made on the debit card used to buy tickets.

If no repayment ticket request is made prior to July 31, 2020 midnight (CEST), tickets are automatically renewed and valid for the matching date in 2021.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 3 April 2020 to 10 May 2020



    Place de la Porte Maillot
    75017 Paris 17

    RER C ou métro ligne 1 station "Porte Maillot"


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    For all

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