Cirque Pinder presents its show 2017-2018 in Paris

From November 4, 2017 to January 21, 2018, Cirque Pinder is back in Paris on the Reuilly pitch with its new show. This is the occasion to meet again Sandro Montez and his exotic animals, Frédéric Edelstein and his lions without forgetting about the Spanish clowns: the Rampins in Reuilly!

Clowns, animals, jugglers, acrobats… Cirque Pinder is about to come back in the French capital with a new and breathtaking show, a show worthy of the greatest Cirque, a genuine circus show with impressive beasts (and not so wild), high-wire walkers and illusionists, for an exceptional show that will make everyone’s eyes sparkle with joy.

From November 4, 2017 to January 21, 2018Reuilly pitch will live at the same pace as the rhythm of the several tours each as spectacular as the last performed by the mythical Cirque Pinder. And we must say that this new edition promises a show worthy of the greatest circuses and in the greatest circus tradition.

Le Cirque Pinder présente son spectacle 2017-2018

If we are astonished by the world’s fastest juggler: Czech Zdenek Polach and the Korean square of the “Diablos Blancos” at the flying trapeze, obviously Frédéric Edelstein leaves us in awe with his 12 white lions in a tour unique in the world!

Cirque Pinder 160 ans

Cirque Pinder program 2016/2017:

  • Sandro Montez and his exotic animals
  • Zdenek Polach, the world’s fastest juggler
  • The “Swing urbano” with Eri and Carlos and the Chinese pole
  • The Diablos Blancos and the flying trapeze
  • Valeriy in the air
  • Sandro Montez and his acting dogs
  • The Rampins: three Spanish clowns
  • The Diablos Blancos and the Russian swing, balance and technique

And, at the end of the show, the parade with all the artists!

Here is a preview with pictures:

Practical information:
Cirque Pinder show 2017 (website in French)
From November 4, 2017 to January 21, 2018
Venue: Pelouses de Reuilly – 75012 Paris
Rates: from €15 to €50 – for 2 seats bought, the 3rd is free
Online reservation

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Last updated on 31 October 2017

Practical information

Opening Time
From 4 November 2017 to 21 January 2018



    Pelouse de Reuilly
    75012 Paris 12

    3ème série: 15 €
    2ème série: 25 €
    1ère série: 35 €
    Fauteuils: 45 €
    Loges: 50 €

    Recommended age
    For all

    Official website

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