Montand le French Lover at Paris Lucernaire

Published by Laura B. · Published on 27 July 2018 at 11h02
Musical recounting the love life Of Yves Montand, “Montand, Edith, Marylin et Simone” is back in Paris, at Lucernaire under the titled “Montand le French Lover”, an anglicized title for an international audience.

Montand le French Lover” a musical by Hélène Arden will be performed at Lucernaire every Sunday this summer, from 6 p.m. and from June 17 to August 19, as well as on 3 Tuesdays (June 19, 27 and July 3), at 9 p.m.

The show has already been performed in Paris, especially at Théâtre du Marais, under the title “Montand… Edith, Marylin et Simone”. If the content hasn’t change, the title is clearer (the show tells the singer’s love stories) and the best is that it’s available in English: subheads will be screened in English for the English-speaking viewers.

In this show, Hélène Arden plays Lydia, Yves Montand’s sister. Hairdresser in Marseilles, she follows her artist brother’s tumultuous life from her salon. She will later become Edith Piaf’s confidante and Simone Signoret’s close friend.

On stage, accompanied by two musicians, Hélène Arden humorously and emotionally tells and sings Montand, his life and love affairs.

The show is also sub headed in French for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

Monuments of French song will be given pride of place this summer at Lucernaire that is also home to “I Love Piaf” about the very Edith Piaf, also available in English.

How about diving into the Montand/Signoret era? “Montand le French Lover” will take you to the heart of this beautiful love story that marked the French cinema.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 17 June 2018 to 19 August 2018



    53 rue Notre-Dame des Champs
    75006 Paris 6

    Moins de 26 ans : €11
    Chômeurs, bénéficiaires du RSA et intermittents du spectacle: €17
    Séniors: €22
    Plein tarif: €26

    Official website

    01 45 44 57 34

    More informations
    Les mardis à 21h.
    Les dimanches à 18h.

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