Closure of the Centre Pompidou: works to be displayed in a new museum in Massy from 2026

Published by Graziella de Sortiraparis · Photos by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Published on July 15th, 2023 at 05:30 p.m.
Good news for fans of contemporary art and regular visitors to the Centre Pompidou! Despite the announced 7-year closure, you'll still be able to find the works, from 2026, in a storage and exhibition space in Massy!

It's still time to enjoy the Centre Pompidou, before its announced closure in 2025, which will last for many years, until 2030. A heartbreaker for lovers ofcontemporary art, who had made it their headquarters in the capital. But don't panic, you won't have to do without the works inside for much longer, thanks to the town of Massy. From 2026, you'll be heading to Essonne to rediscover your favorite masterpieces!

The 140,000 works of art will be transferred to Massy, in a huge space that will also become a storage and exhibition facility. A new museum will take the place of the existing sports facility. For the mayor of Massy, it's also a way of attracting people from the Paris region and beyond, and of becoming an artistic hub. This"Fabrique de l'Art" will house the art reserves of the Pompidou and Picasso museums, which will be conserved and restored in the same place where others will be exhibited - a rare occurrence.

This will make them more accessible to the public outside the capital, in a second, very similar Centre Pompidou. According to the architectural project unveiled this week,the Centre Pompidou Francilien - Fabrique de l'Art, designed by architect Philippe Chiambaretta, will extend over 30,000m2 and three floors, in the Massy Opéradistrict , on the current soccer pitch in the Parc de la Blanchette, next to the opera house and the future line 18 metro station. While most of the site will house a large storage area, the rest will be open to exhibitions, which should be free of charge!

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