Paris 2024 Summer Olympics: first pictures of the Olympic venue of the Place de la Concorde

Published by · Published on June 8th, 2021 at 03:01 p.m.
During Paris 2024 street sport competitions will take place at the Place de la Concorde. The organizing committee has shared the first looks of the urban park dedicated to skateboard, 3x3 basketball, and breakdance for the Summer Olympics.

The upcoming Paris 2024 Summer Olympics will be spectacular! The International Olympic Committee validated in March 2020 projects supported by the Paris 2024 Committee to house new sports such as street sport and surf. As expected: it is on the Place de la Concorde in Paris that will take place street sport competitions.

Therefore, Paris 2024's goal is to "bring spot outside traditional stadiums", to make athletes and hundreds of thousands of spectators across the world live an unforgettable experience. This Tuesday June 8, 2021, Paris 2024 Committee has dropped the first look of the Olympic venue that will be set on the Place de la Concorde all along the competition.

You cna see a venue likely to be "spectacular, popular, more urban and open to all" that can welcome up to 37,000 people a day. And BMX Freestyleskateboard and breaking competitions will not be the only ones to take over the Concorde Olympic venueParis 2024 OCOG also plans "concerts, cultural exhibitions and other sports demonstrations" on site. A genuine Olympic venue in the heart of Paris fully dedicated to urban sports!

Moreover, the IOC’s decision comes and strengthens Paris 2024 committee’s will to host exceptional Games in spectacular places. And to show the whole potential of a country like France to organize major international events. Among the sports and disciplines involved, we have climbing, skateboard, breakdance and even BMX Freestyle and 3-on-3 basketball.

JO Paris 2024 : les sports urbains sur la Place de la Concorde JO Paris 2024 : les sports urbains sur la Place de la Concorde JO Paris 2024 : les sports urbains sur la Place de la Concorde JO Paris 2024 : les sports urbains sur la Place de la Concorde

For Paris 2024 president Tony Estanguet interviewed by our peers at Le Figaro, it is first and foremost about showing “the best of France”. According to him, the IOC brought “their enthusiastic support” and showed they were “rest assured by the sporting, financial and environmental arguments”.

An ambitious project that plans in the same time to host surfing competitions in Tahiti! At first, these two new places were not in the plans sent to the IOC. After a few months waiting, the committee finally validates both projects focusing on new sports and considers athletes will enjoy the best conditions. We just cannot wait!

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