Until Dawn: new trailer for the remastered game

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis · Published on May 31th, 2024 at 09:48 a.m.
Get ready to revisit the thrill with Until Dawn, remaster of the eponymous game released on PS4 in 2015, and presented again at a State of Play conference on May 30, 2024. A soft awaited by horror fans on PS5 and PC for the end of 2024!

Almost a decade after captivating gamers on PS4, Until Dawn returns to haunt your screens in a remastered version! And it was at a PlayStation State of Play conference that gamers were treated to a new trailer, this May 30, 2024. This classic narrative horror game, created by Supermassive Games, promises even more intense immersion on PS5 and PC. Scheduled for release at the end of the year, Until Dawn Remastered takes us back into the harrowing atmosphere of the Blackwood Mountains, where a group of friends face unimaginable horrors. This renewal offers fans and newcomers alike a chance to experience or relive this thrilling adventure in a whole new light.

Trailer for Until Dawn:

Synopsis of the game Until Dawn:

"When eight friends return to the isolated chalet where two members of their group disappeared the previous year, fear quickly freezes all hearts, and the mountain excursion turns into a nightmare with no way out. Immerse yourself in a macabre, grueling horror game with breathtaking graphics, entirely redesigned to take full advantage of the Unreal Engine 5. With sequences worthy of the seventh art, refined gameplay mechanics and more, set out to explore an isolated mountain, where appearances are more than deceptive. Face your fears and decide the fate of the eight survivors in this classic horror game, redesigned and sublimated for the PS5 console".

The remastered version, developed by Ballistic Moon, promises many improvements. Animations have been revisited to enhance the original performances by actors including Hayden Panettiere (Heroes...) and Brett Dalton (Marvel's Agents of SHIELD...). Environments, characters and even sound effects have been reworked for a more immersive experience. A richer palette of tonal colors and an improved camera offer new perspectives and interactions in the game. Mark Korven's reworked soundtrack, in conjunction with licensed music, adds a final touch to the terrifying atmosphere.

Until Dawn 's captivating scenario remains faithful to the original, while exploring new emotional passages. The new third-person camera and contextual character animations promise a deeper exploration of the plot. With its rather pretty graphics (judging by the trailer), Until Dawn Remastered aims to be one of the year's must-haves for fans of the horror genre.

In the meantime, let's get back to the original game. Grab your joysticks!

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