The Grande Course of the Grand Paris 2018 - Cancelled

Originally planned on Sunday May 13, 2018 the Grande Course of the Grand Paris is cancelled. This ecofriendly event couldn't be held this year beacause of the refugees' camps covering a part of the route.

La Grande Course du Grand Paris is a race with sporting as well as ecofriendly, supportive and human values. This race has a strong symbolic dimension: linking the center of Paris to the “Grand Paris” by crossing the beltway and celebrating the Grand Paris by crossing the finish line at the Stade de France.

Today, over 1,800 refugees from all backgrounds have settled down under the bridges along Canal Saint-Denis – crossed by the race – and particularly under those of the beltway of the smaller rings. These makeshift camps get bigger and spread out over the days. According to the most recent appraisals, in the upcoming weeks, they should include some 2,500 refugees.

It seems that it’s not possible to cross these camps so much the passage is impossible and it’s humanely difficult to let a race run through the middle of a refugee camp. Other routes have been studied but none of them can make running through the beltway safe for runners, at a sustainable cost while keeping a 10-km race and to cross the finish line at the Stade de France.

By agreement with the supporting public institutions and their partners, the organize and the fellow team have decided to cancel the edition 2018 in order to remain faithful to the ambitions and the values of La Grande Course du Grand Paris. To them, sport remain an incredible social force and it shouldn’t lead to exclusion.

It doesn’t call into question their will to become – over the years – a great solidarity and ecofriendly race of the Grand Paris, the second edition is postponed to Spring 2019.

Here’s what was originally planned:

Here is a sporting challenge you don’t want to miss at all! On Sunday May 13, 2018, the second edition of “La Grande Course du Grand Paris”, 10 eco-sustainable kilometers for which hundreds of runners are expected.

La Grande Course du Grand Paris 2018

This event combines sport, solidarity and ecology to allow every participant to spend a funny and gratifying day. So, for each bib sold, 1 euro is donated to plant trees in the Parisian region and another will be donated to the Incroyables Comestibles charity aiming at promulgating participatory urban agriculture.

Speaking of sport, some 10,000 runners will enjoy an exceptional route starting from Paris Hôtel de Ville to finish at the heart of the Stade de France.

La Grande Course du Grand Paris 2018

So, if you want to be part of this sporting, fun and eco-responsible event, register now for the Grande Course of the Grand Paris!

Practical information:
The Grande Course of the Grand Paris 
Date: Sunday May 13, 2018
Location: Paris

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Last updated on 27 April 2018

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