Tokyo 2021: a large majority of inhabitants against the Olympics, two recent surveys say

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 20 July 2020 at 18h30 · Updated on 21 July 2020 at 10h40
Two new surveys conducted this past couple of days by Japanese press agencies show that over half of Tokyo’s residents are against the Olympics to be held in their city next year, after a first delay because of the coronavirus epidemic. The shadow of the epidmeic is still hovers over the Country of the Rising Sun.

Tokyo’s inhabitants do not want the Olympics anymore. This is what two new surveys – released this Sunday July 19  by two Japanese press agencies Kyodo and Asahi – say, giving barely 23.9 % of people surveyed are for the organization of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics – expected to be held from July 23, 2021 in the Japanese capital.

If we look at the results of the two surveys carried out between July 17 and 18, 2020, we notice people living in Tokyo are changing their minds as for the Olympics in their city. As the virus is quickly spreading in the region. As a matter of fact, for several days, the Japanese health authorities have been now recording new contamination records and the shadow of Covid-19 once again hovers over the peninsula.

In concrete words, 36.4% of them are for a new delay, and 33,7% think it would be better to simply cancel the games. The survey carried out by Asahi shows that 61% of them would like the games to be cancelled or delayed, and 33% of the surveyed hope Games will take place next year.

Delayed for a year because of the coronavirus epidemic, this new investigation shines a light on the Japanese capital’s inhabitants’ will to see the Olympic Games held in their city. And 51.6% of the 1,030 people surveyed hope they will be delayed again, or simply cancelled. Only 46.3% of them want the 2021 Olympics go on as planned after the first delay has been ordered back in March following the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic.

Furthermore, the poll disclosed by Japanese press agency Kyodo and TV channel Tokyo MC, and carried out from June 26 to 28 says that 27.7% of the surveyed are for the Games to be cancelled, and 24% of them would like another delay. By the way, 31.1% of them hope Games “in a scaled-back form”, and 15.2% want “full-blownOlympic Games.

At the same time, the governor of the megalopolis, Yuriko Koike, told the AFP, the city intends to host the Gamesin a sure and serene environment for athletes and spectators from abroad as well as Tokyo’s inhabitants” she said in the interview.

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