Coronavirus: can you go grocery shopping in pairs?

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 28 October 2020 at 22h00 · Updated on 31 October 2020 at 18h32
One thing is sure, during the confinement, you better stay at home and limit trips as much as possible to limit any propagation risk. You can go out with a certificate, for some reasons only like buying first-necessity products, but can you go shop in pairs?

We could not remind you too much that for your safety and others’, you really have to limit your trips to the bare minimum. Each of your outing increase the risk to be infected by coronavirus and overcrowd hospitals.

Of course, you have to eat, and this is why the government allows French to leave home with a certificate – or you may be fined - for some reasons only including going out and buy first-necessity products.

For all that, can we shop in pairs?

One thing is sure, going to the supermarket is definitely not a family outing! You better go on your own, or eventually in pairs to make provisions easier for a few days and in order to limit your upcoming trips.

In the event you take your car to go to the supermarket, for instance, the limit tolerated by the authorities is two people on board. And even in that case, you must respect safety distances by asking the passenger to sit in the back.

If you take your car to go shop (in stores or at the drive-through), know that only close trips are allowed. You cannot drive for 20 km because the supermarket in the neighboring city has more stock…

In the streets and in stores, you must keep a 1-meter distance between people around you and keep applying barrier gestures before and after.

For the record, here are barrier gestures:

  • Wash your hands regularly
  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow
  • Use disposable tissues and throw them in a bin
  • Do not greet people by handshaking or kissing
  • Keep a 1-meter distance between people

Please also note that the State representative in the department is authorized to implement more restrictive measures in terms of people’s trips when the local context demands it. Regulations in your department could be slightly different from those announced on a domestic basis.

If it is not explicitly banned to go grocery shopping in pairs, we recommend you to be highly cautious.

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