Covid in France: “We're not at all near ending the lockdown, we're still far from it even” Gabriel Attal warns

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 18 November 2020 at 15h42 · Updated on 19 November 2020 at 16h32
French government spokesman considers the health situation is far from having fully recovered. Even though Health Minister Olivier Véran has spoken about a “slight tremor” of the Covid-19 epidemic, Gabriel Attal consider “We're not at all near ending the lockdown, we're still far from it even”, and reminds the violence of the second Covid-19 epidemic wave currently hitting hospitals. The number of people sick and hospitalized exceeds the first wave peak.

When will lockdown be lifted in France? Not now according to Elysée spokesman Gabriel Attal. The young member of the government held this Wednesday November 18, 2020 a press brief after the Ministerial Council. Without speaking about the beginning of the lockdown exit, the government plans to “adapt” the current lockdown.

On the matter, the French President is expected to deliver a televised address between November 23 and 27 during which he is expected to tell French about the November lockdown exit strategy and the government’s action on the issue.

But for now, neither government spokesman nor any other member of the executive truly addressed this sensitive topic of lifting lockdown 2.0. According to Gabriel Attal, it is obvious “we’re far from winning the war against the virus”. As for some members of the majority already speak about the lockdown exit, government spokesman calls for prudence. “We're not at all near ending the lockdown, we're still far from it even”, he explains.

Yet Attal does not exclude new statements as for the current lockdown as Holidays are just around the corner and the deadline set by the executive – naming December 1. “The lockdown could be adapted starting December 1”. It definitely shows the uncertainty filling debates at the top of the State.

To give an overall view of the key factors for the government, Gabriel Attal said the health authorities, as of November 17, recorded “more sick patients hospitalized than when the first wave peaked including 33,170 people at the hospital including 4,854 in ICU, and 46,000 deaths”.

Furthermore, speculations are riffing as for the conditions of the lockdown exit strategy. Curfew during the Holidays, lockdown kept for public places (such as restaurants, bars, show venues, and sport venues) or even lockdown exit for places of worship: there are many leads studied by the executive and they are filled with uncertainties. We now must wait for the head of state to speak to get definitive answers.

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