Coronavirus: towards “long-term Covid” recognition and care in France?

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 8 February 2021 at 14h39
This is another step in the fight against coronavirus. A few days ago, Deputy Patricia Mirallès filed a draft report in order to recognize and take care of long-term Covid-19-related complications. This draft report will be discussed on February 17 at the National Assembly.

How many people suffering from post-Covid persisting symptoms are there in France? It is hard to know, but maybe 5 to 30% of them are suffering from coronavirus symptoms months after infection. They are called “long Covidsick.

As suggested by Ouest-France, persisting symptoms are varied: headaches, intense fatigue or muscle pains. LREM deputy Patricia Mirallès has decided to take care of the matter and filed a draft report aiming at recognizing and taking care of long-term Covid-19-related complications.

Several months past contamination, many people still suffer from painful and debilitating effects of this virus. Even though most sick quickly recover, testimonies showing persisting complications past contaminations are growing as the disease recognition improves. They have multiple symptoms as disturbing as violent: breathing, joint, neurological, digestive, heart, kidney and even skin afflictions. They make even harder to diagnose them and find a fitting treatment, increasing patients’ distress. The psychological impact of these complications shall not be ignored” she writes in this draft report, therefore requiring to “guarantee sick with persisting complications recognition and fitting care of their situation”.

Even though Covid-19 have been acknowledged as work-related illness this past September, some deputies wish to take it up a notch and passing a draft report said to be discussed on February 17 at the National Assembly.

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