Covid: the second wave’s peak almost reached with circa 4,900 patients in ICU

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 30 March 2021 at 14h38
The hospitals’ health situation grows worrying by the day. As of Sunday March 28 evening, 4,872 Covid-19 sick were hospitalized in intensive care units; a data all the more so worrying it is now verging on the peak of the second wave reached this past Fall.

Is the government to make health measures even harder? As a new Health Defense Council is to be held this Wednesday March 31, many doctors sound the alarm, very worried about the number of Covid-19 sick in intensive care units. This Sunday March 28, the peak of the second wave has been almost reached with 4,872 patients in intensive care against 4,903 this past Fall.

As for the number of Covid-19 clinical cases, data are increasing as well: 27,712 patients hospitalized including 1,017 new admissions in 24 hours.

And the situation in Île-de-France is particularly preoccupying. The regional health agency also asked Île-de-France hospitals to “anticipate an increase in the care of the number of beds” in critical conditions.

Visuel Paris vue toitsVisuel Paris vue toitsVisuel Paris vue toitsVisuel Paris vue toits Coronavirus in Île-de-France: hospitals to be overwhelmed within two weeks, ICU patients to be sorted out?
Île-de-France coronavirus epidemic situation worsens. According to AP-HP crisis directors, the hospital pressure is such they might be overwhelmed within two weeks. Doctors then may have to sort ICU patients out. [Read more]

For the record, 19 departments are currently subject to “major curbing measures” in order to slow the coronavirus epidemic in the hardest-hit areas.

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