Covid: 230 sick hospitalized every day in Île-de-France, AP-HP’s alarmist projections

Published by Caroline J. · Published on 30 March 2021 at 09h38 · Updated on 30 March 2021 at 17h15
Are restrictions in Île-de-France to be made stricter soon? If not, then 230 people could be hospitalized every day in Île-de-France, according to AP-HP’s projections.

As Emmanuel Macron might address the French this Wednesday evening after the new Health Defense Council, doctors are worried about the deterioration of the coronavirus epidemic in the country. As of Monday March 29, in the evening, 4,974 Covid-19 sick were in intensive care, that is to say more than when the second wave peaked to 4,903 patients – as of November 16, 2020.

And some territories are more worrying than others. This is the case of Île-de-France. In the area, 230 people could be hospitalized on a daily basis if no tough lockdown is instated starting April 1, the Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Paris (AP-HP) says. These alarmist predictions have been raised during a crisis meeting this past Saturday, and shared by France Inter.

Still according to AP-HP’s projections, the third wave could peak on April 12 with 3,470 Covid-19 sick in intensive care in Île-de-France hospitals. “If we wait for a bit, that is to say lockdown from April 8, the wave could peak circa April 19, and data are dizzying”, Paris Saint-Antoine hospital ICU head Bertrand Guidet told France Inter. “We won’t be able to meet needs”, he added.

Gilles Pialoux shares his mind. Interviewed this Tuesday March 30 on France Inter, AP-HP Tenon hospital head of infectious disease unit is also scaremongering. “We are heading for disaster if there is no lockdown from April 1”, he explained before adding: “if there is no lockdown in two days, there coudl be 230 hospitalizations a day instead of the current 120 in three weeks’ time”.

This weekend already, several doctors sounded the alarm in Journal du Dimanche and Le Monde, speaking about “sorting patients out”.

Visuel Paris vue toitsVisuel Paris vue toitsVisuel Paris vue toitsVisuel Paris vue toits Coronavirus in Île-de-France: hospitals to be overwhelmed within two weeks, ICU patients to be sorted out?
Île-de-France coronavirus epidemic situation worsens. According to AP-HP crisis directors, the hospital pressure is such they might be overwhelmed within two weeks. Doctors then may have to sort ICU patients out.

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