Covid: until when are facemasks compulsory in France?

Published by Cécile D. · Published on 7 April 2021 at 10h48 · Updated on 7 April 2021 at 12h07
Over a year after the epidemic broke out, new accessories are now ultimate in one’s life including facemasks and hand sanitizer. Yet, many French would better get rid of them. Until when are facemasks compulsory in France?

Homemade, bought in a store or pharmacy, disposable or reusable, Covid-19 face covers are now a very common item in one’s daily life. Yet, it is now always very enjoyed amid the people. As sunny days are back and summer is highly awaited, many people are hoping to get rid of their masks before the heat makes this piece of fabric very uncomfortable to wear.

Until when are facemasks compulsory in France? Even though the executive is not likely to give a deadline on that matter, Emmanuel Macron has suggested the end of the tunnel was not that far away.

During a virtual meeting with junior high schoolers from Oraison, Alpes-Haute-Provence, the French President said that “it should be worn as much as possible until this summer”. He adds to teenagers he hopes that by September, “you will get a bit lighter conditions to start school”.

In this early April 2021, facemasks are still compulsory almost everywhere: companies, stores, schools, city centers, public transit, parks…

We can hope that by the summer, the health situation would have improved, and the executive would make rules softer. Even though it seems unlikely for masks to stop being compulsory in closed places, we can yet at least wish facemasks to be optional in parks, on beaches, or in forests, and perhaps even in the streets.

Yet, Frenches are not likely to spend the summer without a mask on if the health situation does not dramatically improve in the coming weeks.

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