Covid: the world sets a new contamination record according to WHO, January’s peak exceeded

Published by Alexandre G. · Published on 22 April 2021 at 12h31
A bit over a year after its outbreak, coronavirus and its new strains keep on crazily spreading across the world. According to data from UN’s health agency and the World Health Organization, 5.2 million new cases have been reported in the world over the past seven days. The previous peak – reported in January – has been exceeded.

There have never been as many new Covid-19 contaminations worldwide. This is the difficult assessment make by the World Health Organization and UN’s health agency. In their latest report – released this Wednesday April 21, 2021 – the two bodies consider the number of new Covid-19 contaminations is close to 5.2 million cases over the past seven days.

As an increase in the number of new cases is recorded for the eighth week in a row on a global basis, this is the highest toll every recorded by the two authorities since the pandemic broke out. The previous peak – reported in early January 2021 – has been exceeded last week. This is a new world record in the number of Covid-19 contaminations.

In the same report, the UN and WHO remind “big numbers can make us numb, but each one of these deaths is a tragedy for families, communities and nations”. Both authorities are worried especially because of the increase in infections and hospitalizations in people between 25 and 59 years of age, “perhaps” because of the new and highly transmissible variants and the increased social diversity in the younger generations. The highest increase in contaminations has been recorded in South-Eastern Asia, especially in India, followed by the Western Pacific region.

Coronavirus dans le mondeCoronavirus dans le mondeCoronavirus dans le mondeCoronavirus dans le monde Coronavirus in the world as of Sunday 14 August 2022: latest case and death tolls in 24h per country
The whole world is facing an unprecedented health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. 588,775,767 coronavirus cases have been reported and over 6,403,769 people have died of Covid-19 worldwide. Discover the toll in countries and the evolution around the world as of Sunday 14 August 2022. [Read more]

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