Health pass: where is it compulsory in France?

Published by Alexandre G., Laurent P. · Published on 23 June 2021 at 11h22
While the Parliament ultimately voted for the implementation of a health pass starting from June 9 to curb the Covid-19 epidemic, the government adds released a decree the day before, on Tuesday June 8, the official list of places this pass will be compulsory in starting from this day forth. Keep reading to find out more.

Where and when will you have to show a health pass in France? As announced by President Macron when he presented the reopening calendar and the different lockdown exit steps in France, presenting a health pass will be indispensable condition to access some places or gatherings. This Sunday May 23, the State Secretary for Digital, Cédric O, told more to France info about places where the health pass will be mandatory.

Starting from June 9, the government plans to lift lockdown for many places open to the public, as well as events and gatherings. Yet, the “project of deploying the health pass as part of the country’s reopening plan aims at securing the recovery of activities with the highest risks of spreading the epidemic”, the government explains in the instructions presenting the tool. Useful to “make crossing borders easier”, but especially to put the economy out of lockdown and prevent health risks, where will it be compulsory?

First off, the health pass will enable to access all “the biggest gatherings over 1,000 people”, Cédric O explains on France Info. Namely concerts, fairs, as well as shows, stadiums, and sports competitions (indoor and outdoor), casinos, as well as festivals. Air transport or cruising are also involved.

But the health pass will be no use to enter museums, movie theaters, libraries, theme parks, big markets, zoos, places of worship, camping places, and department stores. In big places open to the public, teaching places, no need of a pass. Furthermore, the State Secretary confirms that if a place imposes to present a health pass at the entrance of the facility, the person involved can “file a complaint” because “it is banned and punished by the law”.

For more specifications, we give you the official list of places where it will be compulsory, published in a decree released this Tuesday June 8, 2021:

  • Hearing, conference, meeting, show, or dual-purpose venues;
  • Big tops, tents, and traveling facilities,
  • Artistic education facilities, and dance education facilities when housing viewers;
  • Arcades;
  • Market-oriented facilities for temporary exhibitions, fairs, or shows;
  • Open-air sporting facilities other than zoos, theme parks;
  • Indoor sporting facilities (sports halls, ice-skating rinks, swimming pools,...);
  • Cultural, sporting, playful or festive events held in the public space or a place open to the public and likely to lead to control of the access

This Monday June 21, the government also added nightclubs to the list of venues where health pass is compulsory.

Furthermore, we remind you the health pass will be available as a QR code and it applies when presenting a vaccination certificate, a negative Covid-19 PCR or antigenic test, or a certificate of coronavirus recovery. The EU health pass is to be instated from June 26 and be applied in all the 27 EU member countries.

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