Covid: “If the wave does not come [to Fall], we could say Covid is over”

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 8 June 2021 at 18h00
This Sunday June 6, Health Minister Olivier Véran was happy on BFMTV set where he announced the progressive lockdown exit is coming along nicely. According to the minister, the virus will continue to decline, moving from 5,000 new cases per day to 2,000 cases, but the war will be won if there is no wave in November-December.

Normal life to resume soon? Olivier Véran thinks so, “if the French comply with rules when they need to be complied with”. The end of outdoor facemask-wearing could be announced for the summer, depending on Covid-19 spread data, and it is on the right way.

The virus is declining, by 20 to 25% per week, Covid hospitalizations are low, the lowest level ever recorded since September, the minister claims. Strong signals let us see the end of the battle is near “once it dropped to 2,000 cases per day”, Véran states. And adds, “we’ll be sure to have fought the virus only if the wave does not come” in the fall and climate conditions will be such that we will be exposed to a wave in “November or December”. At that moment and this very moment only, “we could say Covid is over”.

During this interview, the Health Minister warned vaccinees against slackening. “In the ERs, there has been a certain number of first-time vaccinees – who were not fully vaccinated – but thought they were safe too soon”. He reminded protection against Covid is only optimum several days after the second injection.

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