Covid: Paris is France’s hardest-hit department with 27% Omicron cases

Published by Graziella L. · Published on 27 December 2021 at 16h27
Omicron is spreading at lightning pace and the number of positive cases because of it are still underestimated. Paris reports 27% of suspect cases making it the hardest-hit department in France by the new variant.

The Covid-19 epidemic in France and the new Omicron variant is gaining ground. In Paris, contamination cases are skyrocketing, hence the highest incidence rate. With 27% of suspected cases related to Omicron, the department is the hardest-hit in France – according to Covid Tracker.

According to Santé Publique, young people aged 20 to 29 are the hardest-hit age group by Omicron. The incidence rate reaches 1,849 cases for 100,000 inhabitants in Paris for this age group. Weaker in 30-39 years-old, it yet remains on a very high level with 1,544 cases for 100,000 inhabitants. Omicron – less dangerous than Delta – is yet more contagious.

Therefore, this new mutation is predominating in the country between Christmas and New Year’s Eve. It is already in Île-de-France, as said by Pr. Arnaud Fontanet. Anne Hidalgo also said “one inhabitant in hundred now has Covid” in Paris. Sarthe and Guadeloupe are also very severely hit by Omicron with 25% of cases.

87.5% of Île-de-France inhabitants are fully vaccinated and ICU occupancy rate is limited to 49% as the number of suspected cases is to increase in January 2022.

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