Coronavirus: new health protocol in companies, lunch with your colleagues banned

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 30 October 2020 at 12h32 · Updated on 1 November 2020 at 13h43
A new health protocol for French companies has been introduced this Thursday October 29 to "maintain the health and safety of companies' employees". As France is facing a second wave and starts a new lockdown, the government makes remote working mandatory "for activities that can do so", and bans "convivial moments" and recommends activation of the Tous AntiCovid app during work hours.

If you are looking for something to read as you are on lockdown again, here is the new health protocol to respect in companies in France, to download here, implemented from October 29, 2020, 20 pages to implement quickly and a reminder as for cleaning surfaces, airing rooms and face-cover wearing.

We get it, the economy shall be saved as much as possible during this new quarantine, but Elisabeth Borne recalled it: "remote working is no ption". This rule has been made official in the new health protocol in companies, put online this Thursday evening. It reads that employees in private companies that can fully remote from home, "work shall be completed remotely at 100%".

In other cases, "the work organization shall allow to reduce trips between home and work and fit onsite time at work to complete tasks that cannot be completed from home, to reduce social interactions". Employers then have to "organize harmonious departure hours and arrival hours for the employees to limit flux at peak-hours".

The protocol does not reccomend temperature checking but "yet, companies wishing to do so, as part of a whole bunch of precaution measures, can check people's temperature as they enter a site, as long as  they respecte the implemented rules". Are excluded thermal cameras and mandatory temperature data of each employee or visitor "as soon as they are recorded in an automated process or a paper record".

Once inside the company, employees are encouraged to use the TousAntiCovid appCloth facemask-wearing remains systematic withing companies and "closed collective places".

The protocol also reads that face-mask wearing is "associated with distancing of at least one meter between people, hand hygiene, barrier gestures, as well as cleaning, ventilation, airing premises, setting up a new prevention policy and managing of the flow of people".

Sharing work tools (keyboards, mouse, tools...) is to be avoided as well. Starting October 29, face to face shall be avoided, people shall stay at least one-meter apart from one another, and a fixed station in shared spaces in order to avoid free seating to a work station.

And new, unlikely to please everyone, "convivial moments gathering employees on site in the professional framework are sustained". No more coffee breaks and meals with colleagues.

In case there is an asymptomatic case at work, companies shall implement a process so that the asymptomatic employee is "isolated quickly in a special aired place, with mandatory surgical facemask-wearing". The mployer can urge hem to go home "taking another way of getting back home than public transit if possible and contact their GPs".

Last but not least, quick tests can be allowed, financed by employers and as long as they are part of "strict medical confidentiality preservation", for "their employees who are willing to do so".

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