Coronavirus – the epidemic is breaking out again, 20% of contaminations caused by Omicron

Published by Rizhlaine F. · Photos by My B. · Published on 23 December 2021 at 09h34
The coronavirus epidemic is escalating in France because of the spread of the Delta and Omicron variants. According to Gabriel Attal, the latter is found in 20% of new contaminations in France.

Over 70,000 coronavirus cases reported as of Monday December 20, 2021, and a record incidence rate: 536 cases for 100,000 inhabitants in France. No doubt, the country is in the middle of the fifth and swift wave and is now fighting on two fronts between the Delta variant – still dominant in the country – and the Omicron variant – 70% more contagious than the previous mutants. This Tuesday December 21, 2021, government spokesman Gabriel Attal has shared more details about the spread of the latest variant in France.

From Matignon, he presented a clear assessment: the epidemic is breaking out again. The Omicron variant is said to be found in 20% of new contaminations to date. A swift spread leading the government to push forward the assessment of the bill framing the change of the health pass into a vaccinal pass. Earlier in the afternoon, Gabriel Attal said the spread of Omicron was probably far beyond the current estimations, especially in Île-de-France. In Paris, it is found in over a third of contaminations.

Visuel ParisVisuel ParisVisuel ParisVisuel Paris Coronavirus: the French government does not rule out new measures in case of another outbreak
While facing the fifth epidemic wave, France is about to lead a two-front battle against the Delta and Omicron variants. The latter could cause another outbreak. The French government could go beyond the instated measures. [Read more]

Visuel Paris SeineVisuel Paris SeineVisuel Paris SeineVisuel Paris Seine Coronavirus: in Paris, over a third of contaminations are caused by Omicron
The coronavirus epidemic goes on in France. Following consultation with local elected representatives as part of the implementation of the vaccinal pass, government’s spokesman Gabriel Attal stated over one case in three is related to Omicron. [Read more]

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