The Mona Lisa: a new nightclub in Paris

Elegance and avant-gardism perfectly describe the spirit and the atmosphere of the new Parisian club which also features a restaurant and a bar: the Mona Lisa.

Paris has a new night place likely to delight everyone, Parisian or tourist, looking for a new place to dance all night long.

Its name? The Mona Lisa. A name that inspires respect for a venue displaying an elegant and attractive décor. Proof of it with the impressive door that you have to walk through to access the place but also the entrance patina put by a Venetian artisan.

Mona Lisa Club

In terms of music programming, the Mona Lisa bets on a mix of hip-hop and rock music with a bit of electro pop.

To make the mystery live, the Mona Lisa is also said to open a “Club dans le Club” [Club within the Club] very soon, a speakeasy only reserved for forty guests and accessible with a card.

Mona Lisa Club

More than a club, the Mona Lisa is a true place to live since the venue, co-managed by Jimmy Ribeiro, also features a restaurant and a cocktail bar; independent but compatible areas.

For gourmet people, the Mona Lisa restaurant offers dishes based on fresh and seasonable ingredients. To surprise your taste buds, the chef expects to put a burger on the menu, a burger revisited each month by a guest.

Mona Lisa Club

As a bonus? The possibility to have dinner in every area not matter it’s the bar, the club or the smoking room.

And to sip a drink, head over the bar offering signature cocktails prepared by a mixologist or a club guest.

Mona Lisa Club

So, ready to discover the Mona Lisa? You’re expected from Wednesday October 18, 2017.

Practical information:
The Mona Lisa: restaurant, bar and club in Paris – opening on October 18, 2017
47, rue Berger, 75001 Paris
Open from Wednesday to Saturday, from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 16 October 2017

Practical information


47 Rue Berger
75001 Paris 1

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