Paris is thinking about a festive summer by hosting open-air events

Published by Caroline J. · Photos by My B. · Published on 16 February 2021 at 15h22 · Updated on 16 February 2021 at 17h18
If the situation allows it, several places in Paris are likely to host festive and cultural open-air events this summer. Paris city hall has even released a map and list of these places scattered across the French capital.

How is the health crisis likely to evolve over the coming months? Will it be possible to enjoy cultural and festive outings in Paris this summer? So far, the question remains without an answer, but the City of Paris is already thinking about the 2021 summer season and likely festive and cultural open-air events.

It is worth considering that over the 2021 summer season, the Covid-19-related health situation allows – under some conditions – the organization of open-air events. With this in mind, the City of Paris and its partners are drawing up a list of outdoor places likely to host festive and cultural events starting this spring” the city hall website reads.


Tweet reads: “Afternoon meeting to prepare a festive and open-air summer in Paris: over 100 Parisian night players, space managers are gathered to think, invent, offer very beautiful festive events this summer”.

The Paris authorities even released a map as well as a list of outdoor places available for possible festive events; from sport gyms to railway stations including hippodromes, uncultivated areas, rooftops, event centers, and even green spaces… About fifty places have been listed so far. Goal? Supporting night professionals highly impacted since the Covid-19 crisis broke out, and enabling them to host open-air events this summer.

Please note the list is being drawn up and therefore is not exhaustive.

We hope this new summer season will enable night players to reborn open-air style. Remember, last year, clubs were closed, but open-air parties took place in compliance with health recommendations, such as  Border City at Docks de Paris.

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