Acqua Alata, Adrien M & Claire B’s poetic creation at Chaillot

Published by Anne-christine C. · Published on 5 October 2020 at 15h39 · Updated on 8 October 2020 at 15h31
Let us discover Adrien M & Claire’s poetic creation Acqua Alta from December 16 to 19, 2020 at the Théâtre National de la Danse de Chaillot. Here, dance and virtual reality make us face rising water: an experience between chaos and beauty.

We have already enjoyed virtual reality at Chaillot this Fall 2020 with Le Bal de Paris by Blanca Li and Whist by Compagnie AO I E / Esteban Fourmi and Aoi Nakamura in November 2020. We are looking forward to seeing Adrien M & Claire B’s poetic creation, Acqua Alta, stating two dancers facing rising water. Meet from December 16 to 19, 2020 at the Théâtre National de la Danse de Chaillot for a dive into troubled waters.

We can say the duo including plastic artist and set designer Claire Bardainne and IT engineer and juggler Adrien Mondot enjoys their varied backgrounds. It enables them to create together rich and thrilling works where new technologies give tangible form to what is happening beyond the stage’s space and time.

Acqua Alta is about the journey of a man and a woman faced with rising water: storms, dark seas, crashing waves and fabulous jellyfish. On stage, Noir d’encre – the duo including Dimitri Hatton and Satchie Noro dances in equilibrium in the face of catastrophe, the derisory when faced with danger, beauty.

Here, the virtual reality part is separated from the stage performance. These are experiments to enjoy as a complement before or after the show.

We can play along Acqua Alta – La Traversée du miroir first, on a tablet given when presenting our tickets for the show. This is an augmented reality book whose Indian Ink drawings and the paper volumes make up the décor of the story. The experience lasts 15 minutes and for all public from eight years of age.

Then, with your virtual reality helmet on, dive for 5 minutes into the immersive reality of Acqua Alta – Tête-à-Tête. Here we are, at the very heart of the story. On stage, with dancers, we let them touch us, grazed us, go through us. And this is contamination-free as it is virtual. Who knows, perhaps this is the future of the human touch in pandemic times!

And if we enjoyed it, you can already book tickets for Pontus Lidberg’s creation Centaur mixing dance and artificial intelligence. An uncommon experience you do not want to miss in January 2021.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 16 December 2020 to 19 December 2020



    1 Place du Trocadéro
    75116 Paris 16

    Official website


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