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Museums Night 2017 at the Château de Dourdan

Published on 4 May 2017 By Maïlys C.
Nuit des musées au château de Dourdan

Practical information

On 20 May 2017

Place du Général de Gaulle
91410 Dourdan

Gare RER de Dourdan

On Museums Night held on Saturday May 20, 2017, the Dourdan castle and museum opens its doors for free from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m. This is the opportunity to learn more about medieval fashion, the theme of the current exhibition.

In Dourdan, Essonne (91), Philippe Auguste built an extraordinary castle in 1220. Museums Night is the perfect opportunity for a free visit of this castle which spanned the centuries as well as the current exhibition focused on a fascinating subject: medieval fashion.

You will learn that at the end of the Middle-Ages, the French aristocracy experienced fashion coming back and forth. No matter if it was for men or women, some clothes and accessories spread like wildfire across the kingdom before disappearing (because we all know that fashion is what goes out of fashion!).

Can you imagine six or seven-century old dresses or clothing you did not even know the name (crakowes (shoes), hoods (small coats))...

Guaranteed time travel! Come with your children, they will enjoy the visit as well.

Practical information:

Museums Night
At the Château de Dourdan
Saturday May 20, 2017
From 6 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Free admission

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