Justice League night at Paris Musée Art Ludique

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On the occasion of the release of Justice league, Paris Art Ludique offers us an exceptional late-night opening dedicated to the famous DC Comics team. The event is held on Saturday November 18 to spend an evening discovering Cyborg, Aquaman and even Flash.

The Musée Art Ludique offers us to spend a Justice League special evening on the occasion of the movie being released in movie theaters. This Saturday November 18, 2017, from 6 p.m. to midnight, come and quietly discover the story of these super-heroes through original items and historical plates.

Superman, Batman and even Wonder Woman don’t have any secrets for you, but do you really know Cyborg’s, Aquaman’s or even Flash’s stories? Come and discover their creator and the exploits they achieve within the famous Justice League.

For the night, a friendly price is proposed. For €12, enter DC universe, visit the exhibition and have fun answering a quiz all along the visit. The latter exceptionally opens till midnight this Saturday November 18. And, the icing on the cake is that you can try and win one of the many Super-Heroes collector prizes offered throughout the night.

For the record, the DC Comics exhibition, that you can watch hereunder, is an exhibition unique in the world paying tribute to DC stories and its iconic Super-Heroes and Super-Villains such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Joker who are at the origin of a true modern mythology.

An original creation from Art-Ludique-Le Musée team “The Art of DC – the Dawn of Superheroes” unveils over 250 original and historical plates, more than 300 cinema research drafts and several iconic film costumes and props.

Also, since September 13, the exhibition got bigger thanks to about thirty unique drawing concepts that have been kept secret until then by the production and realized for the Justice League movie.

Rubbing shoulders with Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman widely presented in the exhibition, there’re now studies of Aquaman’s Cyborg’s and Flash’s costumes or even the Batmobile finding their place on the walls of the world’s first museum dedicated to entertainment art.

The museum also updated its exceptional collection of original plates by adding a few colored illustrations and original plates from the very awaited Batman album created by artist Enrico Marini and released in early November 2017.

In short, how about a Justice League evening to be up to date before watching the movie? Aquaman? Sure, I know him!

Practical information:
Justice League Night at the Musée Art Ludique 
Saturday November 18, 2017
From 8 p.m. to midnight
Rates: €12 (€11 via Carrefour or €39 for a family of 4)

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 18 November 2017 to 19 November 2017



    34 Quai d'Austerlitz
    75013 Paris 13


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