Renoir Father and Son. Painting and Cinema at Paris Musée d’Orsay

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Published by Laurent P. · Photos by Laurent P. · Published on 25 January 2019 at 11h23
From November 6, 2018 to January 28, 2019, the Musée d’Orsay will dedicate an exhibition to Renoir Father and Son. Painter Auguste Renoir and filmmaker Jean Renoir, father and son often dialogued as two artists debating about their art!

Renoir Father and Son. Painting and Cinema, from November 6, 2018 to January 28, 2019, the Musée d’Orsay next exhibition will explore the relationships between father and son as well as between artists!

The exhibition seeks to explore the fruitful and sometimes paradoxical dialog between a father, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, and a son, Jean Renoir, both artists, between painting and cinema. At Jean’s birth in 1894, Pierre-Auguste Renoir – who is 53 years old – accesses the recognition as a master of French art. For Jean, his childhood is spent in art, serves as a model to his father.

Jean Renoir is 25 when his father dies in 1919. From 15 to 25 years old, Jean trains himself to ceramics, commercializing pieces with tawny colors which artisanal character embodies his father’s teaching since in the beginning, he used to paint on china and he’s a staunch defender of decorative arts.

If the young man could have devoted himself to ceramics his whole life, he gets passionate about cinema when he marries Andrée Heuschling, “of a unique beauty”. Jean wants to make her a movie star and has a movie made in her honor by Albert Dieudonné. In 1924, Jean Renoir shots his first movie, Catherine and discover his call, cinema. The movie isn’t great, but Jean is “inhabited by staging”.

Despite his failures, Jean Renoir pursues a career with Boudu Saved from Drowning or The Rules of the Game. With Grand Illusion in 1937, he accesses an international fame and leaves for Los Angeles. In 1959, he shots Picnic on the Grass in Cagnes, South France, in his parents’ house. He directs women and stages places from his childhood.

These nods to his parents, Jean will do it all along his career and he even prepares his father’s biography for about 20 years, a tribute published in 1962 still read a lot today.

Through paintings, movie abstracts, photographs, costumes, posters, drawings and documents – some of them never seen before – this multidisciplinary exhibition will explore the themes commons to these two artists, father and son…

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