Japonisms 2018: the colorful realm of living beings by Jakuchū at Paris Petit Palais

Published by Elodie D. · Published on 22 July 2018 at 19h42
From September 15 to October 14, 2018, lovers of Japanese painting from the Edo era head to Paris Petit Palais. For a month, the Petit Palais welcomes the masterwork of Itō Jakuchū: Dōshokusai-e [the colorful realm of living beings], a collection of 30 suspended scrolls known for the finesse of the drawings and the brightness of the colors, remained bright 250 years after they have been created.

The Petit Palais in Paris will present The colorful realm of living beings by Japanese painter Itō Jakuchū, not really known in France and yet considered as one the greatest Japanese artists of all times. For a month, the Parisian museum will welcome the masterpiece Dōshokusai-e [The colorful realm of living beings], coming from the imperial collections in Japan.

This collection of 30 suspended scrolls called Dōshokusai-e represents the fauna and the flora with an impressive realistic precision. Roosters, fishes, ducks, blossoming trees are painted with a crazy finesse on silk, a wild work impossible to imagine while we don’t see the scrolls. You have to know the artist had to put the colors down (mineral pigments and natural tints) on the back and the obverse of the scrolls, with no contour lines. For the record, the artist used to be a Kyoto-based fruits and vegetables dealers and he has decided to devote himself to painting at 40 years old with no training!

Paris is honored to welcome Itō Jakuchū’s scrolls, a real national treasure in Japan. To give you an idea, the scrolls have left Japan only once, in April 2012 to be displayed at Washington National Gallery and Paris Petit Palais will house them as part of the Japonisms 2018 season celebrating the 160th anniversary of the diplomatic relationships between France and Japan in 2018, what an honor!

So, you can’t miss this beautiful opportunity!

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