Champs-Elysées, free exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal // Reopening

Published by Elodie D., Tiana R. · Published on 8 June 2020 at 13h34
The Champs-Elysées, histoire et perspective exhibition at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal reopens from June 16 to August 30, 2020. Free of charge, this beautiful exhibit is the occasion to discover more about the history and the future projects for the world's most beautiful avenue.

If you have not had the chance to see the “Champs-Elysées, histoire et perspectives” exhibition at the Pavillon de l’Arsenal prior to its closure, the exhibition is extended from June 16 to August 30, 2020. 

Three centuries after their creation, cars, noise, pollution, tourism, globalization of the commercial offer, abandoned gardens are detrimental to the use of the Avenue and its appropriation by Parisians and tourists.

By the way, Parisians only represent 5% of the users of the avenue. Based on this sad analysis from the study carried on the initiative of the Comité Champs-Elysées by Philippe Chiambaretta with the partnership of about fifty professionals, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal raises awareness about its current state. But also highlights the issues from the modern ambition.

Sprucing up and revegetating the avenue, making the soils more permeable, facilitating soft mobilities, promoting the heritage and even allowing inhabitants to regain their Champs-Elysées. So are the stakes and potentials raised by the exhibition and the study.

To try and find answers, the Pavillon de l’Arsenal invites everyone to the potential metamorphosis via debates, playful workshops and other conferences.

More than an average exhibition, “Champs-Elysées, histoire et perspectives” has been created as a collective and participative adventure. We know what we have to do…

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From 16 June 2020 to 30 August 2020



    21 boulevard Morland
    75004 Paris 4


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