Xinyi Cheng exhibition at Lafayette Anticipations

Published by Laurent P. · Published on 23 December 2021 at 14h29
From March 23 to May 28, 2022, the Fondation Lafayette Anticipations devotes an exhibition to Chinese artist Xinyi Cheng, “Seen Through Others”. The exhibition invites visitors to wonder about “complex emotions, desires, and dynamics that permeate contemporary life”.

A unique dive into the universe of female Chinese artist Xinyi Cheng… This is what the Fondation Lafayette Anticipations offers from March 23 to May 28, 2022, with their latest exhibition, “Seen Through Others”. An exhibition focusing on “complex emotions, desires, and dynamics that permeate contemporary life” using “light and color” to express “feelings, reveries, and impulses that reside within our everyday experiences of being in the world”.

An artist deeply rooted to the representation of characters sounding here like “unexpected tributes to the moderns such as Picasso, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas or Caillebotte”. In all, about thirty pieces expect contemporary art fans, all created between 2016 and 2021, and deployed through the entire building. The very original display invites visitors to “unfamiliar groupings” opening up “novel correlations and understandings within her oeuvre”.

As for the route, the exhibition starts with a “sequence of interior and nocturnal situations”. Visitors can roam around the upper floor then, discovering works exploring “our metaphysical relationship to the world through animals and natural forces”. And under the huge glass roof on the last floor, pieces displayed – more recent – show “tableaux of characters—humans and dogs outdoors — appear against the backdrop of the vast windows looking out over the skyline”. They also represent “her reflection not only on what it means for us to co-exist with one another, but on what it means to be human”. Through “coruscating color treatments on canvas”, Cheng delivers “her insights to a baffling world, revealing enigmatic images”.

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From 23 March 2022 to 28 May 2022



    9 Rue du Plâtre
    75004 Paris 4

    Métro ligne 1 et 11 station "Hôtel de Ville", ligne 11 station "Rambuteau"


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