Choco Factory aka choco-addicts’ paradise in Paris

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Published by Elodie D. · Photos by Elodie D. · Published on 2 August 2017 at 18h54
Hey chocolate-addicts, we have just discovered an address likely to make you go crazy: Choco Factory! To give you an overview, take a chocolate factory, a sweet shop and a coffee-shop, put the whole thing in a hybrid place between the Parisian terrace and the Chicago loft and voilà! Here you have Paris Choco Factory…

Set up since March 2017 in Rue de Médicis, just at the exit of the Luxembourg Gardens, Jean-Pierre Dewerpe and Djamal Nasli Bakir are two gourmand buddies proud of their baby. Its name: Choco Factory, a concept between a chocolate factory and the local café where chocolate is given pride of place!

Before opening this address, they travelled across the US, the land of surprising concepts and Switzerland, the land of marmots wrapping chocolate. Then, with their heads full of ideas, they came back to Paris with one motto: the love of good food and one key ingredient: chocolate!

Choco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco Factory

Choco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco Factory

In this Parisian café-like shop, gourmet people can come and satisfy their chocolate cravings. What a chocolate galore: three chocolate fountains, chocolate covered cakes, chocolate color in the background… at Choco Factory, they fully live their passion.

Children are absorbed in jars of sweets at the entrance (we will talk about them in a minute).

As for us, we notice a black board with about twenty cups presenting the drinks to have on the spot (but without their prices): chocolate and speculoos, choco cookie macchiato or the classic chocolate with marshmallows (perfect for winter time!) and just next to them, there is the freakshakes menu aka freaky chocolate milkshakes that can be made on order with ALL the sweets you want (you know, those at the entrance you may have noticed and which kids looked at passionately) …

Choco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco Factory

Choco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco Factory

Founder Jean-Pierre Dewerpe invites us then to have a seat and brings us the menu. And what a discovery! Pure madness! Choco Factory does not only provide hot chocolate drinks but chocolate fondue with fruits, chocolate-covered gelato (Trempette), crepes filled with bananas, strawberries and chocolate, cheesecake, cookins – a crazy mix of muffin and cookie – this is a true paradise (or hell for the biggest sweet tooth among us).

Choco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco Factory

It is simple, we thought we were becoming crazy when we have been told that we could create our own chocolate slab with the sweets from the entrance. And we lost it! How can we choose between speculoos, Tagada strawberries, praline almonds? Over 40 jars were waiting for us and we can choose only 3 toppings. 3 for the perfect trio. We finally chose pralines roses, candied raspberries and marshmallows for a conscious pleasure at €5.50…

Choco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco FactoryChoco Factory

In this hell-like shop, we cannot resist, we taste this and that, this is paradise… here are a few images!


Practical information:
Official website: Choco Factory
Address: 13 Rue de Médicis, 75006 Paris
Opening hours: 8:30 a.m. – 8 p.m., every day
Rates: €5.50 for the chocolate slab, €5.50 for the chocolate drink, €9 for the freakshake, €4.20 for the Trempette ice cream, €7.50 for the crepes rose, €18 for the fondue for two

Practical information


13 Rue de Médicis
75006 Paris 6

RER B - Luxembourg

la trempette: €4.2
boissons chocolat chaud: €5.5
la tablette de chocolat: €5.5
la rose de crêpes: €7.5
freakshake: €9
fondue pour 2: €18

Recommended age
From 3 years old

Average duration
1 h

Official website

More informations
Horaires : 8h30-20h tous les jours

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