Coronavirus: “towards a generalized epidemic if nothing changes” the French Medical Association warns

Published by · Published on September 28th, 2020 at 03:47 p.m.
This Sunday September 27, 2020 the president of the national council of the French Medical Association has urged to collective awareness about the threat of the virus. France is likely to experience a “generalized epidemic” in the upcoming months “if nothing changes” Patrick Bouet warns.

Olivier Véran has chosen the language of truth, but he has not made it that far”. This is the message written this Sunday September 27, 2020 in the JDD by the president of the French Medical Association, Patrick Bouet. As France is facing new strict restrictions, and a part of the population is showing their despair, Mr. Bouet goes further than the Health Minister and calls for collective awareness about the threat of the epidemic.

As a matter of fact, the president of the French Medical Association says “what expects us is a challenge”. He also considers that “if nothing changes”, France will find itself in the next week in a situation “of generalized epidemic” and for several months. A coronavirus epidemic that could spread “all over the French territory” and not only in some areas where the virus is active.

Moreover, Patrick Bouet warns the population and the government on the likely risks that are to come. He says the country will have “no support base with human backup, with a health system unable to meet all these solicitations”. He does not hesitate and berates the “Health minister’s technostructure” he considers unable to “create a useful committee”. This committee would be focusing on managing “logistics and hard facts” and would be fitted with a “level variation for each department”. Anyway, the doctor wants to avoid overcrowded emergency lines like in spring at all costs.

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