Epiphany 2024 and Fashion: galettes des rois in collaboration with the trendiest brands

Published by Audrey de Sortiraparis · Published on January 6th, 2024 at 01:00 p.m.
Epiphany 2024 celebrates gourmet chic with "galettes à la mode", the fruit of original collaborations between fashion brands and Parisian bakeries-pâtisseries. Make this tradition trendy by opting for one of these stylish creations, which sometimes have a few surprises in store ...

L'Épiphanie 2024 isn't just about crowns, kings and queens, but extends to a new gourmet and chic era, with the"galettes à la mode" that are all the rage this year! Thanks to groundbreaking collaborations between the most fashionable fashion and accessories brands and Parisian bakeries and patisseries, Epiphany is becoming a trendy event not to be missed!

After Christmas and New Year, it's time for Epiphany and its traditional galette des rois. Pastry or bakery, classic or original, there's something for everyone! And as Paris is the capital of fashion, fashion galettes des rois were inevitable. As a result, collections of ultra-stylish gourmet creations are parading in the windows of your favorite Parisian boutiques, to the delight of style aficionados.

In addition to making your Epiphany resolutely trendy, buying a fashion galette could hold some unexpected surprises. By drawing the winning bean, you'll not only enjoy a delicious slice of galette, but may also win some trendy pieces to add to your wardrobe.

Make this tradition a stylish experience by ordering your Epiphany 2024 "galette à la mode" in Paris today.

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Starts January 5th, 2024

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