Halloween at Parcs Zoologiques de Lumigny: A Mysterious Adventure awaits you!

Published by My de Sortiraparis · Photos by My de Sortiraparis · Published on October 21th, 2023 at 01:58 p.m.
Halloween at the Lumigny Zoological Parks plunges you into an adventure from October 15 to November 15, 2023. Between enigmas and exploration, the Terre de Singes and the Parc des Félins invite you on an original quest!

From October 15 to November 15, 2023, a captivating experience awaits visitors to the Parcs Zoologiques de Lumigny. La Terre de Singes and the Parc des Félins join forces to offer visitors a unique adventure. Imagine, a curse has fallen, the wildlife has disappeared, and it's up to you to lift the curse by solving the riddles scattered around the parks. A unique opportunity to explore these emblematic places in an entirely new way.

We often wonder how to revisit places we already know. Well, Terre de Singes and Parc des Félins have found the answer. Under the theme"Panic in the Park", they're inviting you to become a real adventurer thisHalloween. It's more than just a visit; it's an immersion in a thrilling story.

The story revolves around the collection of the famous explorer Ferdinand Poter, on exceptional display at the Parc des Félins. Among these rare pieces, one in particular catches the eye: the Chiapas totem pole. This totem, once adorned with a precious jewel, is now cursed. The jewel has disappeared, and with it, part of the wild fauna. Who would have thought that a curse would one day befall these parks? That's where your role comes in.

Adventure program:

  • Explore Ferdinand Poter'scollections
  • Discovery of the cursed Chiapas totem pole
  • Solveriddles to find the missing jewel
  • In-depth visit of both parks to complete the adventure

We love the idea of being part of an adventure, of becoming the hero for a day. And that's exactly what thisHalloween experience offers. The best thing about this adventure? It's included with park admission. So there's no excuse not to indulge in this mysterious quest.

Aimed at the whole family, this experience promises to strengthen bonds between young and old, while offering a different angle on the parks. It's the promise of a fun and educational experience, where the discovery of animals is combined with a thrilling adventure.

When we think of Halloween, we often imagine pumpkins and witches. This year ,Terre de Singes and Parc des Félins offer a refreshing alternative to these clichés, combining mystery, adventure and animal discovery. We invite you to take part in this unique experience and solve the mystery surrounding the Lumigny Zoological Parks. Who knows, maybe you'll be the one to save the wildlife?

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Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From October 15th, 2023 to November 15th, 2023

× Approximate opening times: to confirm opening times, please contact the establishment.


    la fortelle lumigny
    77540 Lumigny Nesles Ormeaux

    Billet 2 parcs: €13 - €28

    Recommended age
    For all

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