A13 freeway, partial reopening from May 11

Published by My de Sortiraparis, Graziella de Sortiraparis · Published on April 30th, 2024 at 08:04 a.m.
Following a ground movement revealing cracks, the A13 freeway had to be closed in both directions between Paris and Vaucresson. Following a press release from the Hauts-de-Seine Prefecture, we learn of the most likely cause of the cracks and the decision to resume partial traffic under certain conditions. We tell you all about it.

It's a real headache for motorists using the A13 motor way between Vaucresson and Paris ! Since April 19, traffic lanes have been completely closed, following the discovery of cracks in the ground between the Saint-Cloud viaduct and tunnel. The authorities and road managers have implemented an emergency closure of this vital section for commuters and travelers entering the capital, which will last for some time yet. A date of May 1, 2024 had been envisaged for a reopening, but in the end, further cracks were observed.

After a closure lasting almost three weeks, part of theA13 freeway will once again be accessible, but only in the Province-Paris direction, from Saturday May 11, 2024. This reopening concerns light vehicles only, as announced by the region's prefect, Laurent Hottiaux, in a press release following his visit to the construction site in Saint-Cloud.

The cracks on the A13 freeway are thought to have been caused by work on the Musée du Grand Siècle. The Viaduct, resting on a retaining wall, is said to have shifted by 6 centimeters when work began. Workers had to dig down 4 to 6 meters to create a parking area, reveals Le Canard enchainé. Emergency backfilling work had to be carried out. The Prefect stressed the importance of user safety, a sine qua non for the reopening of the road. He also expressed his gratitude to the State's agents for their responsiveness and commitment.

In addition to the backfilling work already carried out, further work is planned to reinforce the stability of the retaining wall, which is essential before the roadway and damaged structures can be permanently repaired.

Concerning traffic in the Paris-Province direction, the Prefect has indicated that more extensive repair work is required, and that studies are underway to determine a timetable for reopening. So we'll have to be patient for a while, as safety remains the top priority.

The partial reopening of the A13 is news that should bring relief to many drivers affected by the closure, although caution remains the order of the day and restrictions are strict.

Traffic advisories still in force for heavy goods vehicles, especially in both directions

Alternative routes are available for drivers trying to reach Paris:

  • From Rocquencourt: take theA12, then the N12 towards Versailles, followed by the N118 towards Porte de Saint-Cloud.
  • From Bois-d'Arcy: the suggested route also follows the N12 to Versailles, then the N118.

Motorists are asked to avoid the area and follow the detours set up for the duration of the work.

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