Fête de la musique 2024 in Paris: rock concerts and electro evening at the International, the program

Published by Caroline de Sortiraparis, Rizhlaine de Sortiraparis · Published on June 17th, 2024 at 04:04 p.m.
For this new Fête de la musique to be experienced on Friday, June 21, 2024, the Salle de l'International, nestled in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, is offering to kick off the evening with six free rock concerts, followed by electro (and paying) dj sets. Click here for the program!

Every year, the Fête de la Musique is celebrated everywhere on June 21! This year, for the latest edition of this popular and festive event, the program is once again eclectic, with concerts featuring blues, rock, jazz, reggae, classical music, electro, punk, French variety and rap.

So many good musical ideas to discover in the streets, parks, squares and gardens, but also indoors, in case the rain invites itself and spoils the party on June 21. While some people opt for museums and institutions as original venues, others prefer to be on the safe side and opt for the good old-fashioned concert hall.

In Paris, these cultural venues are numerous, but few actually open their doors to the general public free of charge for the Fête de la musique. These include theOlympia, for a free concert in association with France Inter, and the L'international concert hall.

Located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris since 2008, this venue regularly welcomes music lovers to discover artists from the new French and international scene, with rock concerts and club nights after midnight.

That's exactly what's in store for you on Friday, June 21, 2024 for the new Fête de la musique! Join us at L'international from 7pm to 1am for an evening of free concerts, featuring rock and grunge. The evening continues from 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. with an electro night (for a fee).

Fête de la musique 2024 à Paris : concerts rock et soirée électro à l’International Fête de la musique 2024 à Paris : concerts rock et soirée électro à l’International Fête de la musique 2024 à Paris : concerts rock et soirée électro à l’International Fête de la musique 2024 à Paris : concerts rock et soirée électro à l’International

Fête de la musique 2024 à l'International, the program

IN CONCERT (free) / 7pm-1am:

  • Regress 86 (7pm)
    (Paris, FR - Prehistoric NerdCore)
    New NerdCore band from Paris, featuring members of WeHungry. Regress86's 90's punk is supercharged.

  • Blastfem (7.45pm)
    (Paris, FR - Grunge)
    Come and discover this distorted rock quartet!

  • Sala Bestia (8.45pm)
    (Paris, FR - Noise)
    Sala Bestia is a trio founded in late 2021 around Eric (guitar/vocals) and Michel (drums/samples) from Revok, and Aurélien (bass/keyboards). The band combines its love of American indie rock (Yo La Tengo, Polvo, Dinosaur Jr...) with synthetic loops, all mixed with a touch of noise and post-rock.

  • Curtain (9:35pm)
    (Paris, FR - Cold wave)
    Curtain is a French cold-wave band who released 2 LPs and 1 EP in the 2000s. Influenced by The Cure, The Chameleons and Joy Division, the band (now a duo) has been compared to post-punk and goth bands such as Interpol, Asylum Party and, more recently, Soft Kill.

  • Kate Clover (10.30pm)
    (Los Angeles, USA - Garage Rock)
    Kate Clover combines her admiration for Patti Smith and Iggy Pop in a punk-tinged garage power pop.

  • Bothlane - Live (00h)
    (Liège, BE - Drums / Modular Synths)
    Bothlane is a drum and modular synth project inspired by trance and dance.

CLUB (7€) /

  • Venus Club
    Feminist collective for a free, inclusive & safe party.

  • Sainte Exp B2B Vickies

  • C.L.E.O 2.5.A.7 B2B Laurage
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On June 21th, 2024
Starts at 06:00 p.m.

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    75011 Paris 11

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