Deadpool & Wolverine: our review of the 100% non-edited superhero movie

Published by Laurent de Sortiraparis, Julie de Sortiraparis · Published on July 24th, 2024 at 12:01 a.m.
Deadpool & Wolverine, the trashy, gory superhero movie, has been in theaters since July 24, 2024. Shawn Levy directs Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in an adventure mixing action, comedy and science fiction. We previewed the film and tell you all about it (spoiler-free, of course...)!

Deadpool is back, this time accompanied, in Deadpool & Wolverine, a feature film directed by Shawn Levy (best known for Free Guy and the Night at the Museum saga), in cinemas since July 24, 2024. A film that promises to take the duo on a journey to the TVA and the end of time (for those who have seen Loki), as the various trailers show.

The cast includes Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, two iconic actors reprising their roles as Deadpool and Wolverine respectively, as well as Lewis Tan, Emma Corrin, Morena Baccarin, Rob Delaney, Leslie Uggams, Karan Soni and Matthew Macfadyen, to name but a few (and believe us, if we say more, we're spoiling...).

The production benefits from the expertise of Kevin Feige, figurehead of the Marvel universe with the Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy sagas, as well as Lauren Shuler Donner, mainstay of the Deadpool and X-Men sagas. Ryan Reynolds is also involved in production, adding a personal touch to the project alongside Shawn Levy, who is co-writing the screenplay with Wendy Molyneux.

Synopsis of Deadpool & Wolverine:

"After failing to join the Avengers team, Wade Wilson moves from one odd job to another without really finding his way. Until one day, a high-ranking member of the Court of Anachronistic Variations offers him a mission worthy of him... on condition that he sees his world and everyone he loves annihilated. Refusing categorically, Wade dons the Deadpool costume once again and tries to convince Wolverine to help him save his world...".

However, the film is not suitable for all audiences, due to the abundant (and bloody) violence and insults hurled every two minutes. So it's for a discerning audience... But if you're a fan of buddy movies, superhero films or just plain Deadpool, then this is the film for you!

Deadpool & Wolverine is shaping up to be a must-see for fans of the Marvel universe, promising laughs, action and breathtaking special effects.

Official trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine (2024) :

Deadpool & Wolverine review:

WillDeadpool and Wolverine save the MCU? The answer will be up to you when you see the film... As for us, we've got mixed feelings on the matter. So, don't panic: the film is undoubtedly good, but it's still a long way from "saving" the MCU.

As for the script, it follows the rule book, making everything predictable... with the exception of the cameos. Nonetheless, the film is well-written and well-paced. In short, there's never a dull moment. In terms of acting, Ryan Reynolds is a knockout, as is Hugh Jackman, the film's two leads. Emma Corrin is convincing as Cassandra Nova, but the character is a little flat.

The cameos, meanwhile - we won't tell you anything about the characters present, but expect something on the level of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness - are jubilant without fan service (well, not too much), and are little more than simple cameos. Where Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness failed a little (the cameos were, in our opinion, mere cameos), Deadpool & Wolverine succeeds in making these cameos real characters in the film, counting much more towards the film's main plot (that's our opinion).

With Deadpool & Wolverine, Disney succeeds above all in its R-Rated gamble, with vulgarity and blood every 30 seconds. Disney, watered down? Not anymore, anyway! It's gore, and we love it! Disney also manages to be self-deprecating, and that's something we'd like to emphasize.

We really enjoyed this Deadpool & Wolverine, which is worth its weight in gold and will undoubtedly please fans. And if not, there's a post-generic scene (plus little scenes on the end scrolling screen). All you have to do is go and see it to make up your own mind!

New spot to open pre-sales for Deadpool & Wolverine:

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