Give the gift of a flight initiation on an AIRBUS A320 or BOEING 737 NG simulator!

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Published by Sponsorisé · Published on February 8th, 2024 at 10:24 a.m.
The challenges and breathtaking emotions of a real pilot! Treat yourself to an introduction to flying an AIRBUS A320 or a BOEING 737 NG, with sessions starting from the runways of exceptional airports, with the possibility of flight simulations in extreme weather conditions in a real flight simulator where real pilots develop their skills in the Ile de France region!


Why not take off on an adventure that makes you feel like you're really flying this Valentine's Day? Give your partner an original and dazzling gift for two, with the possibility of having their photo taken in the cockpit at the end of the session!

Throw yourself into another reality by becoming a real pilot for a few moments!

Head to Longjumeau for a behind-the-scenes look at the airline industry. BAA Training, a unique European-standard aeronautical training center used by major airlines to train over 2,000 pilots a year, is opening its doors to you this Valentine's Day!

The program includes a 15-minute presentation, followed by a 30- or 60-minute flight initiation session on the Airbus a320 or Boeing 737 NG. You'll be able to choose day or night flight, select a take-off and landing at exclusive airports, in high-quality simulator equipment that recreates an environment almost identical to that of an aircraft cockpit, making this an unprecedented experience!

During the session, you'll have the support of a qualified recreational flight instructor, who will challenge you to control and land your aircraft safely in a real flight simulator where real pilots develop their skills.

Amelia Earhart said,"The seduction of flight lies in its beauty. Aviators fly, whether they realize it or not, for the aesthetics of flight". Flying is the perfect way to feel free of worries and troubles, to finally rediscover that feeling of absolute freedom. If you'd like to discover this emotion, or if you miss it, come and (re)discover the magic of flight at the BAA Training France center in Longjumeau!

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23 Rue Bossuet
91160 Longjumeau

Session de 30min pour 2 personnes: €280
Session de 60min pour 2 personnes: €480

06 33 78 28 27

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Reserved for people aged 12 and over. Registration is only confirmed after receipt of a confirmation e-mail. Any absence must be notified 48 hours before the agreed time of performance, otherwise the gift voucher will be considered as used.

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