Discover the stand up paddle during a walk in the middle of nature, standing on the Marne river

Published by Graziella de Sortiraparis · Published on April 26th, 2023 at 01:40 p.m.
After canoeing, why not try stand up paddle? Go to Joinville-le-Pont to discover the Marne and its nature treasures from another point of view, standing on the water!

Who has never dreamed of walking on water? Well, it's more a question of sliding on the water during this experience, which proposes you to test a rather unusual sport, very fashionable, the stand up paddle. A few minutes away from the capital by RER A, discover a whole part of nature with a different eye, by moving on the Marne river, to the soft sound of birds singing, grasses rustling and the paddle gliding gently on the water. Don't panic, this sport is accessible to all, and very quiet for this initiation!

And you will be accompanied by professionals, since the club Le Grand Huit is part of the French Surfing Federation! This amazing sport allows you to work on your balance and your posture, because you have to stand on a board, while paddling. In Île-de-France, it is difficult to go to the sea and even more difficult to go to Hawaii to learn stand-up paddling, but the region is full of small lakes and rivers to paddle quietly.

Joinville-le-Pont is an ideal spot, with a few heritage features to observe while standing on the water. Discover the Polangis canal, the Fanac Island or the "guinguettes" of the Marne banks, during these discovery sessions. Don't forget to enjoy the landscape, while keeping your balance! The experience is accessible from 10 years old, but it is imperative to know how to swim, in case you want to take a little dive in the Marne!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
From May 7th, 2023 to September 17th, 2023



    1 Quai Gabriel Péri
    94340 Joinville le Pont


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