Where to play soccer in Paris? Open-air pitches and indoor halls for your matches

Published by Cécile de Sortiraparis · Published on February 20th, 2024 at 01:15 p.m.
Every match, no matter how small, unleashes passions: Parisians are true soccer fans! And they're not the last to take to the field. But where can you find soccer pitches in Paris? Take a look at our guide.

World Cup, Ligue 1, French Cup, Champions League... Many Parisians live to the rhythm of soccer, the victories and defeats of their favorite team. And between two televised matches, it's time to practice! Football addicts gather on the capital's sports fields to compete and have fun.

Naturally, if you live in Paris or its inner suburbs, finding a nice (free) pitch can quickly become a headache. But there's no question of giving up and staying on your sofa. Hidden or a little out of the way, open-air or indoor, there's bound to be a soccer pitch near you.

Municipal fields, city stadiums, parks or sports chains, whatever the weather, budget or number of players: there's no shortage of options, as long as the passion is there. But the wait is over: warm up, put on your jersey and get out there and play with your friends!

Where to play soccer in and around Paris?

footballfootballfootballfootball Where to play soccer in Paris? Open-air pitches in the capital
You've got a great champion in you: come and show off your soccer skills on the sports fields of Paris, during an open-air match with friends. [Read more]

footballfootballfootballfootball Where can you play indoor soccer in Paris? Indoor pitches for a game with friends
Fancy a game with friends, without having to put up with the Parisian weather? Find out more about the various soccer halls in and around Paris. [Read more]

Get your boots on, it's match time!

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