Le Montespan, best-selling novel by Jean Teulé, adapted for Théâtre Actuel La Bruyère

Published by Sara de Sortiraparis, Julie de Sortiraparis · Published on January 8th, 2024 at 04:33 p.m.
The story of France's most famous cuckold, who dared to defy Louis XIV, Le Montespan, Jean Teulé's best-selling historical novel, settles down for its adaptation at Théâtre Actuel La Bruyère until June 29, 2024.

In the fascinating world of entertainment, the name "Le Montespan" comes up more and more frequently. This brilliant production is the theatrical adaptation of Jean Teulé's historical novel , which won the Grand Prix du roman historique the year it was published. After a successful run at the Théâtre de la Huchette and the Théâtre du Gymnase, as well as at the Festival Off d'Avignon 2022 and 2023, "Le Montespan" returns to the stage at the Théâtre La Bruyère: an immersive story recounting the life of Louis-Henri de Pardaillan, Marquis de Montespan, France's most famous cuckold.

More than just a historical drama, the show also marks the return to the stage of established talents such as Michaël Hirsch and Simon Larvaron. Nevertheless, it is undoubtedly Salomé Villiers, who adapted the play from Jean Teulé's novel, who attracts the most attention, winning the Molière for Best Actress of the Year 2022 for her poignant performance.

Under the direction of Etienne Launay, "Le Montespan" succeeds in perfectly depicting the realities and complexities of the royal court in the 17th century. The show promises a captivating moment through the marquis's rich tale of bravery, betrayal and steadfast love. Despite the queen's infidelity and the power games of the Sun King, Le Montespan persists in reclaiming the love of his life at all costs, going so far as to adorn his carriage with gigantic horns.

"Le Montespan" is clearly a show not to be missed; to discover how the Marquis de Montespan became one of the first historical figures to challenge the legitimacy of absolute monarchy, head to Théâtre Actuel La Bruyère.

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From November 25th, 2023 to June 29th, 2024

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