Corneille's Le Cid at the Théâtre Artistic Athévains, a fiery classic from the theatrical repertoire!

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Published by Sponsorisé · Published on February 12th, 2024 at 08:00 p.m.
Chimène loves Rodrigue and Rodrigue loves Chimène... until this love becomes impossible in the eyes of honor and this dilemma insinuates itself into their young souls. (Re)discover this classic play at the Théâtre Artistic Athévains in the 11th arrondissement of Paris!

Corneille 'sLe Cid is an exalted tale that speaks above all of the heart, in the multiple senses of the term: it is the seat of courage, but also the dynamic locus of action, passion and despair.

The play explores a veritable cartography of the heart: the symbolic epicenter of a vast expanse of feelings, it is a complex territory of labyrinths, pitfalls and abysses.

And in its time, it won over the audience, who, at its premiere in 1637, declared that it was the first time they'd never been bored: action, suspense, combat, the story is implausible, romantic and the spectators are plunged into the heat of the plot.

Today,Le Cid is part of our collective unconscious. We have an almost fusional relationship with his verses and his conflicts...


Frédérique Lazarini offers a baroque, poignant and profoundly Mediterranean version of the play, with a strong emphasis on ritual and action. A bold, assertive female character, Chimène. To the initiation of these young heroes who embrace their duties, warding off death, choosing honor, defying the authority of the State and calling out for love, without ever being able to control its full passionate dimension.

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From January 30th, 2024 to April 28th, 2024



    45 bis, rue Richard Lenoir
    75011 Paris 11

    Métro Voltaire

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