Epiphany Cake 2021 by Guy Martin for Le Grand Véfour

Published by Manon C. · Published on 11 September 2020 at 10h25 · Updated on 19 September 2020 at 16h46
At Le Grand Véfour, Michelin chef Guy Martin has come up – for sweet-toothed foodies – a very sweet and soft Epiphany Cake based on passion fruit frangipane and candied pineapple.

For Epiphany 2021, Michelin chef Guy Martin has come up with a very flavorful Epiphany Cake 2021 for Le Grand Véfour. On January 6, 2021, you can feed children and grown-up children of your family with his “Galette Douceur”.

Guy Martin’s Epiphany Cake has more than one trick up its sleeve, and plays the exotic and tasty card. Inside? A passion fruit frangipane, Victoria pineapple candied with passion fruit caramel and Ardèche chestnut chunks. Original, isn’t it?

And on top, utmost treat, beautiful slices of pineapple and a chestnut decorating and whetting the appetite of foodies. 

Serving 6, allow €46 for the cake to book by emailing resa.gvefour@orange.fr or calling +33.(0) 

So, will you fall for this cute cake? We are signing up!

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 January 2021



    17, rue de Beaujolais
    75001 Paris 1

    46 €

    Official website


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