Yule logs 2020 by Jeffrey Cagnes for Stohrer

Published by Manon C. · Published on 14 December 2020 at 17h24
Maison Stohrer treats us well with 6 yule logs 2020 created by chef Jeffrey Cagnes. Chestnut, chocolate, hazelnut, blackcurrant-chocolate or even apple... It is up to you!

For this Christmas 2020, the oldest patisserie in Paris signs a beautiful collection of yule logs: 6 very different yule logs to please children and adults and make sure you have an indulging moment at the end of the meal!

In this unmissable house, Jeffrey Cagnes tries hard to innovate while sticking to tradition and it includes renewing ingredients, textures and lots of researches.

This year, Stohrer's clean and mouthwatering yule logs are adorned with Louis XV's crown - the symbol of the house - and give pride of place to fruits!

  • Chestnut, chocolate, hazelnut, blackcurrant-chocolate, apple, exotic fruits... It is up to you now!
  • Chestnut yule log: vanilla cake, chestnut confit, chesnut mousse, chestnut cream
  • Chocolate yule log: chocolate cake, 64% chocolate mousse, Madagascan chocolate crémeux, cocoa nib feuillantine
  • Hazelnut yule log: hazelnut dacquoise, hazelnut confit, Piedmont hazelnuts, hazelnut mousse, almond-hazelnut praline
  • Blackcurrant-chocolate yule log: brownie cake, blackcurrant confit, chocolate straciatella mousse, blackcurrant mousse
  • Apple yule log: hazelnut dacquoise cake, Tatin-like apple, vanilla mousse, almond crumble, caramel crémeux
  • Exotic yule log: coconut dacquoise, mango-vanilla confit, coconut mousse, passion crémeux, coconut shortbread

They can serve 4, 6, 8 or 10 foodies, these yule logs fit all family sizes!

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Dates and Opening Time
Starts 1 December 2020



    51 Rue Montorgueil
    75002 Paris 2

    Bûche 4 personnes: €30
    Bûche 6 personnes: €45
    Bûche 8 personnes: €60
    Bûche 10 personnes: €75

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