Babel, new hotel and world table in Belleville

Published by Manon C. · Updated on 20 October 2021 at 11h54 · Published on 19 October 2021 at 22h11
Hotel Babel opens in Belleville area and invites you to enjoy a journey through their 31 bedrooms, the sunny terrace and the world-inspired restaurant.

In the Belleville area, where tourists and Parisians rub shoulders with artists’ studios and bars, halal butcher’s stores and synagogues, hotel Babel recently opened in a quiet and pedestrian street driven by skilled hotelier Joris Bruneel and chef Clarie Feral-Akram – trained at Ecole Ferrandi and Robuchon’s.

Upstairs, 31 bedrooms with green, terracotta and ochre hues decorated by Daphné Desjeux with bargain-hunted objects placed here and there and carrying memories. On the walls, friezes made of sculpted wood. On the floor, big heavy black wood ottomans reminding us of African original art.

Hotel Babel is travel-inducing through natural materials, objects from varied backgrounds, and Babel Radio on air playing music and podcasts, added to the cooking and the décor of the hotel to tell you about the venue and its history. Speaking of food, the hotel enjoys a world-inspired restaurant where one can enjoy – all day long – some homemade ginger beer, hot zaatar chocolate, and cocktails to enjoy on the terrace.

In the kitchen, managed by Clarie Féral-Akram, cooks Sofiane Sadi Haddad and Haitham Karajay shine a light on food to share and plant-based food. One can share mezze, roasted halloumi from the Laiterie de Paris, whole roasted eggplant, pesto babka, ceviche with Levantine spices, Syrian kesh khe (ewe’s milk fermented wheat & dried mint), Levantine candied lamb gyoza and veal chop, pairing wonderful natural wines.

On Saturdays, the local mothers are cooking. They are given free rein and cook incredible couscous, traditional pastilla, tajine, Berber shakshuka, Afghan kabuli pulao, and Damas muhammara; while travelers will be delighted to enjoy a brunch on Sundays.

The hotel also works close with local associations emphasizing the local life quality, fight against isolation and the participation of the inhabitants to the local life by shining a light on the local producers: coffee comes from the Brûlerie de Jourdain, beers are brewed by Fauve, teas and herbal teas are from Kodama, spirits from the Distillerie de Paris, bread and pastries from Sain and fruits selected at the Zingam delicatessen.

Locals have been mostly given pride of place for recruiting while local artists have been invited to let their imagination flow within the hotel. In other words, a new place filled with sun.

Practical information

Dates and Opening Time
Starts 19 October 2021



    3 Rue Lemon
    75020 Paris 20

    A partir de: €120

    Official website

    01 87 53 62 32

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