Mer de Chine, family Chinese cuisine in Paris

Mer de Chine is an Asian restaurant hidden in Paris 13th arrondissement and known by connoisseurs, a bit less by the general public. Wonderful discovery ahead!

In some way, Mer de Chine is the secret address mostly known by Parisian gourmets. It’s known through word of mouth, from gourmet to gourmet. As the name suggests it in French, Mer de Chine [China sea] is a restaurant specialized in Chinese cuisine. It’s all about a family restaurant that makes it even more genuine. Inside, the décor is sober, modest. A fish tank here, some decorations there… It’s clean, simple, friendly. Here, no fuss because the most important happens in the plate.

The menu is full of dishes you won’t find anywhere else. The service may be long but for good reason: everything is homemade! Be rest assure, you can thus wait with a good glass of coconut juice served with coconut petals. What a delight!

Mer de Chine, la cuisine chinoise familiale

Among the meals we advise you, there are the homemade sautéed rice noodles. It’s the house specialty. These are compacted rice cubes with a smooth texture, Peking, served with soy sprouts, some seaweeds and the whole covered with an omelet. And it’s worth the trip!

Mer de Chine, la cuisine chinoise familiale 
The other must-eat meal is the frog’s legs sautéed with salt and pepper. Fleshy and delicious, they’re covered with a thin crispy layer enhancing their taste. The same recipe exists but with shrimps! And if you want something lighter, the mango salad is likely to delight your delicate taste buds.

Mer de Chine, la cuisine chinoise familiale
In terms of dessert, Mer de Chine offers their famous specialty: taro fritters. They’re served in dozens so you better share them.

When you’ll finally leave the restaurant, it’s your turn to make it known through word of mouth from you to your friends. And this is how it goes on.

Practical information:
Mer de Chine
Open every day, except on Tuesday
From 12 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and from 7 p.m. to 11:20 p.m.
159 rue du Château des Rentiers
75013 Paris
Booking strongly advised
Phone: +33 (0)1 45 84 22 49

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Last updated on 12 October 2017

Practical information


159 Rue du Château-des-Rentiers
75013 Paris 13

Métro : Nationale (ligne 6)

Pâtes de riz sautées maison: 9,5 €
Beignets de Taro: 10 €
Cuisses de Grenouilles: 13,5 €

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