Le Speakeasy in Paris: refined cuisine by Top Chef Xavier Pincemin

Serving a high-quality cuisine in a nightclub: this is the bold plan successfully mastered by former Top Chef Xavier Pincemin who offers Le Speakeasy posh clientele a refined and subtle cuisine!

Some Parisian nightclubs are rather discreet and yet, they hide between their walls some wonderful treasure. This is the case of Le Speakeasy. Nestled in the very smart 16th arrondissement in Paris, Le Speakeasy is inspired by the famous secret bars in the US in the roaring 20s.

With its soft lights, its piano bar, its beautiful smoking room in the basement or its impressive wine cellar, Le Speakeasy is now a reference for many regulars and discerning clients, lovers of nice music, good wines and cigars.

Open in 2011 by art merchant Kif Yeya, Le Speakeasy stands out because of its gastronomic cuisine we owe to former Top Chef 2016 winner, Xavier Pincemin.

Restaurant Le Speakeasy

Arrived in the kitchen in Spring 2017, the talented Top Chef managed to offer the place a valuable asset: offering a cuisine that is creative, refined and modern at the same time and that fulfills the taste buds of many discerning epicureans, our included.

To show us a part of his cuisine, the young chef offers us a tasting menu with a starter, two main dishes and a dessert, the whole accompanied by a subtle food and wine pairing.

The tasting starts with an excellent smoked salmon tartar with a soft avocado cream and sour mango chunks for me.

My guest choses the beef carpaccio flavored with yuzu lemon and basil.

Speakeasy à Paris : cuisine raffinée et créative signée par le Top Chef Xavier PinceminBeef carpaccio

Among the other starters on the menu, we also find the very acclaimed homemade taramasalata flavored with truffle and served with small potatoes.

What’s next? First, we have fish, one of the favorite dishes of the manager, Dan Château, the caramelized black cod. And we quickly understand why. The sweet and savory mix seduces us from the very first bite such as the fish perfect cooking. Regarding the truffle puree, there’s nothing to say, it’s a delight.

Speakeasy à Paris : cuisine raffinée et créative signée par le Top Chef Xavier PinceminCaramelized black cod

Then, on the table comes the famous Speakeasy Tiger and the smooth scallops that are perfectly cooked, so are the side vegetables.

Speakeasy à Paris : cuisine raffinée et créative signée par le Top Chef Xavier PinceminScallops

Also on the menu? A chicken breast supreme marinated with ginger, a steamed seabass fillet and Simmental beef tenderloin.

Before the dessert arrives, patrons start to rush to the bar to listen to the singer and the pianist perform an incredible cover of Amy Winehouse’s “Back to Black”.

Finally, to end on a sweet not, the chef touches us with his caramel cheesecake topping a crispy speculoos biscuit enhanced by a very beautiful and hypnotizing visual!

Speakeasy à Paris : cuisine raffinée et créative signée par le Top Chef Xavier PinceminCaramel cheesecake

The only dark cloud during the meal: the light may be too soft even if they set the vibe of the place, but they ruin a bit the visual pleasure triggered by the wonderful staging of the dishes.

But, Le Speakeasy has two assets: it invites you to spend the rest of the night listening to music thanks to live events to experience from Tuesday to Saturday!!

In short, if you’re looking for a trendy night spot where you can enjoy delicious and creative dishes cooked by a top Chef, who will – we’re sure – go very far, the whole served by a dynamic and smiling team, so, rush to Le Speakeasy now!

Practical information:
Le Speakeasy
25 rue Jean Giraudoux – 75016 Paris
Open from Tuesday to Saturday, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Rates: starters from €14 to €21 / main courses from €28 to €42 / desserts from €14 to €19

Caroline J.
Last updated on 18 December 2017

Practical information


25 Rue Jean Giraudoux
75116 Paris 16

More information
Ouvert du mardi au samedi de 20h à 3h du matin

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