Mon Loup: the new restaurant promoting farmers in Paris

After Ma Biche, here’s Mon Loup! The two friends and associates, Serge and Pascal, gave birth to their second gourmet address in Paris this past February 2018. On the menu? Quality and local ingredients, lovingly cooked for a guaranteed gustative and without fuss pleasure!

Maybe have you heart of the restaurant Ma Biche, open in 2014 in Paris 18th arrondissement? Four years after this opening, the two buddies Serge and Pascal have decided to open a new and second address, bigger this time, but that has the same leitmotiv: love of good products, coming from local farms and passionate farmers, in keeping with nature and environment.

Serge knows his share about farmers… He has spent 10 years of his life making ethnographic movies about the farming world. From this experience, he keeps memories of incredible meetings and the importance of paying tribute to them with this new Parisian gourmet address.

Nestled in the always moving Batignolles area, Mon Loup displays the same decorative elements than Ma Biche, with a restaurant thought up like a grandmother’s flat. We sit in a warm and welcoming place enhanced by ancient and wonderful wooden furniture, ancient wooden floor, grandmother’s tableware, a marble bar, old black and white pictures…

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à Paris

Here, we make ourselves at home. We must say the team knows the rule to welcome us right; smile and good mood are required!

Moving on to the menu, Mon Loup follows his big sister’s steps, Ma Biche, by offering revisited homemade and cooked grandmother’s dishes – it’s the secret of their excellent cuisine – based on really delicious organic ingredients from sustainable agriculture to offer clients the best! At Mon Loup, “the recipe is adapted to the farmer and his products, not the other way around”.

Here, the menu changes very regularly, according to the deliveries. The choice is limited yet simple and effective with 4 starters, 4 main courses and 4 desserts.

That day, the restaurant offered – as starters – a homemade pork terrine or a carrot soup, with a cognac emulsion as well as an excellent oven-backed egg aka oeuf parfait, served with a smooth mushroom cream.

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à ParisOeuf parfait and its mushroom cream

As for me, I have been entirely seduced by the marinated mackerels (cooked according to Serge’s grandmother’s recipe) and the smooth smoked trout (smoked on the spot!). A delicious treat and this first dish is one of the best I have ever tasted.

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à ParisMarinated mackerel and smoked trout

Moving on to main courses: Duck shepherd pie and salad and the irresistible homemade cantal cheese burger, as well as the delicious sausage from Aveyron and its gratin Dauphinois.

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à ParisSausage from Aveyron and gratin Dauphinois

Once again, my taste buds are over the moon because of the fish with a delicious pollock fillet and its surprising and tasty beetroot vinaigrette that offer a perfect blend and balance! The whole is served with roasted cabbages.

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à ParisPollock filet and beetroot vinaigrette

To end on a sweet note, there is obviously the coffee with gourmet desserts, but I finally go for the very popular Crêpe Suzette. Once again, it’s a successful gustative pleasure!

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à ParisCrêpes Suzette

My partner in crimes asks for the apple compote enhanced by a delicious salted butter caramel, the whole is served in an old-fashioned mason jar.

Mon Loup : le nouveau restaurant qui met les paysans à l’honneur à ParisApple compote and salted butter caramel

And if you’re on a rush, Mon Loup has a lunch menu for €12 with a main course and a dessert and served in 20 minutes!

Speaking of wines, Mon Loup needed organic, biodynamic and sustainable winegrowers like Paul Vendran, the Saurel family, the Jullien family, the Soard brothers and cousin Frédéric Guintrand. Here’s a piece of advice, if you’re not into strong red wines, you should discover the Mon Loup du Minervois vintage.

The bonus? La Tannière Mon Loup. To be discovered very soon and next to the restaurant, the place will offer clients and wonderful ingredients lovers to order their veggies baskets grown by Stéphane Desmont, as well as to purchase ingredients coming directly from farmers (organic wines and alcohols, dry vegetables and mixed cereals, chocolate, coffee…) or simply products created by the Mon Loup team (terrines, rillettes and other smoked fishes…). Please note the place will also feature a tasting area.

In short, going to Mon Loup is to make sure you will experience a wonderful culinary journey to the heart of the wonderful French regions, and (re)discover the richness of the French terroir through hearty, honest and gourmet dishes, dishes we would like to taste much often!

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume with moderation.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 3 April 2018

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114 Rue la Condamine
75017 Paris 17

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Horaires d’ouverture : Déjeuner et dîner du mardi au samedi / Brunch le dimanche de 12h à 17h / Happy Hour de 17h à 20h

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