Takaramono by Trésor Food: Japanese-Mediterranean cuisine in Paris

After making a splash at Petite Amour bar, Tresor Food duo offers a new tailor-made culinary program to be discovered all day long thanks to the opening – on March 9, 2018 – of Takaramono by Tresor Food.

Maybe have you had the chance to discover them through Petite Amour, Hotel Grand Amour bar. By opening Takaramono by Tresor Food this past March 9, Takaramono, the excellent culinary concept created by Tresor Food takes the plunge.

What is Tresor Food again? A moving culinary experience based on seasonal products launched in February 2017 by two childhood friends. On one hand, the fascinated and fascinating chef Alexandre Arnal, who worked at Verre Volé (Paris), In de Wulf by Kobe Desramaults (Belgium), Baccahanal at Chirstophe Dufau’s (Vence) and even La Chassagnette with his brother Armand Arnal (Arles). On the other hand, we have DJ and label Monstart manager Jonathan Ouanounou.

Takaramono by Tresor Food : cuisine d’influence nippo-méditerranéenne à Paris

After spending several weekends within Petite Amour bar, Takaramono expands and offers its cooking, marvelously mixing Japanese and Mediterranean influences, from Tuesday to Saturday and all-day long.

The experience, we’ve chosen to try, starts from 11 a.m. and has a fresh and seasonal cuisine at very affordable rates. On the menu? The classic or vegetarian “Bun”. We definitely love the homemade pastrami thought up by Alexandre and the succulent bread by baker Thierry Breton, delicious slices of pastrami, veal bacon and served with the salad of the moment.

Takaramono by Tresor Food : cuisine d’influence nippo-méditerranéenne à ParisThe classic “Bun” with pastrami

This lunch other asset? The dish of the day created according to the market return. That lunch, Alexandre concocted a wonderful and hearty mixed plate with broccoli purée, broccoli, celeriac, burrata… What a delight! It was fresh and healthy.

Takaramono by Tresor Food : cuisine d’influence nippo-méditerranéenne à ParisDish of the day

Moving on to desserts, the restaurant joined forces with Baked-Box that created simple yet delicious treats for the lunch set menu, such as this excellent cookie or this pear and almond cake.

Takaramono by Tresor Food : cuisine d’influence nippo-méditerranéenne à Paris

Cookie by Baked Box


And to accompany these dishes, Takaramono by Tresor Food offers fresh squeezed juices and a selection of healthy and original softs. The bonus? You can enjoy these dishes on the spot or on the go.


The rest of the day goes by with the teatime served from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., always accompanied by tasty cakes delicately prepared by Baked-Box. In terms of beverages, you have the Caron coffee (France best coffee roaster 2017) or the Le Bénéfique tea.


Finally, when time has come for an aperitif, from 6 p.m., with natural wines, craft beers, sakes and cocktails such as, for example, the “Taka” (Matsumoto saka, Aquavit, snow peas, lemon, cane sugar, apple juice and tonic) and the “Paloma” (Mezcal, Grapefruit tonic). For gourmet people, there are the Japanese-Camargue tapas with salmon and miso carrot rillettes, or beetroot hummus. There are sharable plates with ricotta-spinach gyozas and their soy miso vinaigrette, or the razor clams with parsley, or the pan-fried shitake, soy egg and Jerusalem artichoke two ways.


 And since Takaramono by Tresor Food is more than nice, they give you a free Japanese-Mediterranean tapas if you have a drink during their aperitif offer.


Takaramono by Tesor Food is undoubtedly part of these new addresses that are gourmet and trendy on which you can rely. Offering a delicious, healthy, fresh and seasonal cuisine, the whole in a friendly atmosphere promoting sharing, this address is likely to surprise you for a while!

Takaramono by Tresor Food : cuisine d’influence nippo-méditerranéenne à Paris

Practical information:
Takaramono by Tresor Food
3 rue de la Fidélité – 75010 Paris
Open on Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. and Saturday from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m.
Lunch menu rates:

  • Vegetal bun: €7
  • Pastrami bun: €9.50
  • Dish of the day: €9.50
  • Vegetal bun + drink: €9.50
  • Vegetal bun + drink + dessert: €12
  • Pastrami bun + drink: €12
  • Pastrami bun + drink + dessert: €14.50
  • Dish of the day + drink: €12
  • Dish of the day + drink + dessert: €14.50

Dinner rates:

  • Tapas from €5 to €13
  • Plates to share from €6 to €15
  • Dish: fish of the day and vegetables from the market: €24

Alcohol abuse is bad for your health, please consume with moderation.

Caroline J.
Last updated on 16 April 2018

Practical information


3 Rue de la Fidélité
75010 Paris 10

Official website

More information
Ouvert le mardi de 11h à 16h, les mercredi, jeudi et vendredi de 11h à 2h et le samedi de 17h à 2h

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