Ramen Bowl: Paris 8th arrondissement Japanese street food canteen

Japanese cuisine lovers have their new gourmet and trendy address in Paris. Its name? Ramen Bowl. At the helm of this street canteen, there’s the talented Tokyo chef Hiroki Masaki.

Since March 2018, rue de Ponthieu has a newcomer entitled Ramen Bowl. This street food canteen gives pride of place to Japanese dishes with Ramen of courses, as well as the famous Donburi or the tapas to share, the whole cooked by Japanese chef Hiroki Masaki.

After working in several places in Paris (Lucas Carton, Le Cinq restaurant at Georges V, Michel Trama, Hanawa…), Tokyo chef wished to return to the gastronomy from his mother country. For Ramen Bowl, Hiroki Masaki offers a generous and delicious cooking inevitably inviting to travel.

But prior to being taken to the other side of the planet, I happily discover the clean décor thought up by Japanese indoor architect Kunihiko Takano (KT Architect). Modern and urban, the atmosphere is enhanced by two huge graffiti by artist Oji who already left his mark on walls in Paris, Naples, Marseilles, Brooklyn… Street art comes to Ramen Bowl walls but also on the counter cooker hood with these tags all over it.

Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à Paris
Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à Paris

After the first astonishment, it’s time to enjoy this very complete menu featuring not less than 10 ramen recipes.

For the record in case you’ve never tasted a ramen in your life; this dish is made of a big bowl filled with broth, noodles, meat or fish, vegetables and a seasoning (miso, soy sauce…).

To meet all your needs, the chef came up with five ramen with a clear chicken broth and two ramens based on a thick chicken broth.

The bonus? The broth-less ramen, the “Shiru Nashi Ramen” with fresh noodles coated in a fine oyster sauce, topped with spicy ground chicken and varied vegetables, mizuna, seaweeds, fried onions, bamboo shoots.

There’s the “Tsuke Men” too, a ramen where noodles are served apart from the thick broth.

Please note that Ramen Bowl bets on the quality with a broth made out of a free-range chicken cooked for 12 hours, noodles made on the spot with French wheat flour and ingredients coming straight from Japan! The whole without any preservatives nor food coloring.

Among the best-sellers, you have the “Shoyu Ramen” with a clear chicken broth, noodles, pork chashu and even the “Yuzu Shio Ramen” where a zest of yuzu comes to the recipe.

As for me, I go for the excellent and atypical “Kurogoma Ninniku Ramen” with its delicious clear chicken broth based on black sesame and garlic, a soy sauce, dry fish, seaweed, shitake and pork chashu. What a delight for my taste buds!

Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à ParisKurogoma Ninniku Ramen

If you feel really hungry, know that you can add sides such as the soft-boiled egg marinated in soy sauce as well as bamboo shoots (Menma), or even a bowl of rice…

My partner goes for the Donburi (a large bowl of rice filled with many treats), revisited here in a smaller version, with the recipe “Tori Don” with ground chicken slightly spicy. A true taste of exoticism!

Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à ParisTori Don

Three other recipes are also available including a variety of “Buta Chashu” with marinated pork and the “Beji Don” (varied vegetables and a bowl of rice).

That night we also had the opportunity to taste some Japanese tapas to share. Not less than 16 tapas are available and they all look very tantalizing: shrimp tempura salad, Japanese beef tataki and its sour yuzu sauce, or the mini pancakes filled with squid. We go for the very soft eggplants, miso sauce covered in cheese and the delicious duckling fillet and its yuzu and miso sauce.

Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à ParisEggplants, miso sauce and cheese

Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à ParisDuckling fillet, miso and yuzu sauce

Finally, to end on a sweet note, we succumb and literally melt for the yuzu cheesecake that is both light and gourmet; here’s the perfect dessert to put an end to a meal!

Ramen Bowl : la cantine street food nippone du 8ème à ParisYuzu cheesecake

To accompany your dishes, Ramen Bowl suggests you some beer, sake, an excellent and refreshing mojito with Shiso, or the Shochu, this distilled alcohol mainly based on rice, buckwheat and barley. Here you sip it in the shape of a cocktail based on lemon or grapefruit, peach and sparkling water.

Seated around a table or directly at the counter, Japanese style, to better observe the chef working, you’ll be taken to the country of the rising sun thanks to the delicious recipes by Hiroki Masaki. We love it! And you, when do you go?

Caroline J.
Last updated on 11 May 2018

Practical information

Opening Time
From 11 May 2018 to 31 December 2018



    44 Rue de Ponthieu
    75008 Paris 8

    Official website

    More information
    Ouvert du lundi au samedi et 12h00 à 14h30 et de 19h00 à 22h30
    Donburi de 9,90 € à 13 €
    Ramen de 12 € à 15 €
    Tapas de 5,80 € à 13,80 €
    Dessert de 2,80 € à 9,80 €
    Vente sur place et à emporter

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