La Marée: iodic break at La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Published by Candice L. · Published on 25 February 2020 at 10h43
You’re right in the middle of your shopping session and you feel like you need a little break and you could even want to feel by the seaside in a snap… Head to La Marée, the fishmonger set at La Grande Epicerie de Paris. What a change of scenery!

Genuine Aladdin’s cave for fine gourmets and beautiful thing fans, La Grande Epicerie de Paris provides you with some places set within the store for you to enjoy good food.

We wanted to tell you about La Marée. No, you’re not dreaming, you really are in the fish aisle, magnificently stored up, where you can sit in front of wooden high tables. In the heart of action, between the fishmonger working hard and customers walking around with eyes filled with thirst, treat yourself to an iodic break.

On the menu, for instance, everything you need to create your little seafood plate or platter. Sand shrimps, whelks, crab pincers, oysters, sea urchins and half Breton lobster and half crayfish cooked on site… Along with delicious salmon or tuna tartares… Or the La Marée plate based on 6 organic shrimps, 6 cooked whelks, 3 Marennes fines oysters or 100g sand shrimps for €12! You can pair your seafood with a glass of Sancerre, Chably or Pouilly fumé!
And how about a sweet note bought in one of the gourmet aisles along with a nice cup of coffee!

In other words, La Marée is the ideal place to do up and have a break from the hustle and bustle and the frenzy shoppers at La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Practical information


38 Rue de Sèvres
75007 Paris 7

M° Sèvres Babylone

L'assiette de la Marée: €12
6 huîtres Gillardeau N°2: €17
Demi-homard maison: €18

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